Sunday, 10 June 2012

Urban Decay in China

After some major blog hopping, I came across some news that made an impression on me that I thought I would share with you. Urban Decay are now selling makeup in China, to most including me that sounded like great news for them, but the more I read, I realised that China actually has a requirement that products may be tested on animals before they are sold to the mass market.

If you are not aware Urban Decay from the start has always prided itself on not testing on animals and being vegan friendly. Urban Decay have released a statement to say that they are aware that the decision may not be a popular one...
'So, our brand does not test on animals, but the Chinese government might conduct a one-time test using our products. Do we like China’s policies? No…and that is really the point. Going into China was a huge decision for Urban Decay. But, we believe that change cannot and will not happen by outside pressure alone in a closed market. Change can only happen from within. When we enter the Chinese market, we will do our part to help make those changes.'

Urban Decay state that they remain committed to two causes, women's rights and the fight against animal testing.

You can read Urban Decay's full statement here.

There is currently a lot of criticism aimed at Urban Decay regarding this decision, my own personal opinion is that it doesn't seem that they are making this decision to change policy but rather for financial gain and to grow their business in a new market, but for a business that promotes itself as cruelty free I'm not sure it's the wisest choice. I have also read that people's negative comments about their decision on their facebook page have been deleted and they have taken down past statements they have released. Perhaps from a PR point of view they could have dealt with this situation better.

What do you think about this?



  1. I was thinking the same (financially) Which is unfortunate as the Naked pallette is $50 bucks and everyone (excluding me:/!) seems to own it. That's too bad.

  2. I know, they seem to have disappointed a lot of loyal customers. There are a lot of other markets they could move into other than china. x


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