Sunday, 3 June 2012

Steamcream Review

Steamcream say - We handmake STEAMCREAM in the UK and Japan with fresh natural ingredients, fused together with a shot of steam. Our unique method means that STEAMCREAM gives your face instant refreshment the moment you use it. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down and revives your skin straight away.

I received a full sized version if this in my Carmine box (RIP) I was really excited to try this as I’d heard a lot about this brand and well the tin is adorable!  I firstly tried this product on my face but I found my skin felt quite tingly and uncomfortable with it on, however as the cream smelt delicious and as I’d heard such good things about it I tried it as a hand cream instead. I’ve had this product on my desk at work for the last few months and I’ve been using it as a hand/arm cream so here are my thoughts -

I love that this cream is natural and handmade, I also think the scent is delicious, it’s very fragrant and is a blend of essential oils, although really I could only smell a strong lavender scent. The cream is an off white colour and is quite watery in texture, however on the skin it does feel extremely rich and skins in fast. However overall I was disappointed with this product, I found that as a hand cream it doesn't give me enough moisture or penetrate the skin enough, overall I really don’t feel my hands are any softer from using it (It’s worth noting that I personally have very dry hands). I’ve also found that this cream leaves my hands with a weird texture, not greasy at all but almost like they have a dry film on them, quite bizarre.

So finally as much as I truly wanted to LOVE this product I’m afraid I really don’t. I won’t be buying a replacement and I don’t think it’s worth its £12.95 price tag.  

Have you tired Steamcream? what did you think?


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