Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Palmers Olive Butter SPF 15 Body Lotion Review

I only ever use face moisturiser that contains at least SPF 15 so that my skin is always protected from the sun even during the winter months. So I wondered whether there were any body lotions out there that contained SPF for the rest of my body too, as the top of my chest and arms are just as exposed to the sun, and I really hate using sun cream!! I have to be honest there isn't a huge selection of body lotions out there that specifically say they contain any SPF, Palmers was the only range that I found in Boots. 

They have two versions the Cocoa butter and Olive butter, I prefer the scent of the Cocoa butter but they only had Olive left, but I don't mind as the scent is very subtle. The body lotion has a thicker consistency than I am used to but it rubs in easily and absorbs quickly, I'm pleased to know that when I use this my skin is just as protected from the sun as my face. 
It has become my new must have.

It is a bargain price too at £5.10 for 250 ml, on the Boots website it's currently on sale at £2.55 although if you are buying online be warned that the pictures for the Cocoa butter and Olive butter are mixed up and on the wrong products.

I have to apologise to all the people in the North-East of England for jinxing the weather, when we had the glorious sunny weather I went into Boots to buy this body lotion, it was sunny when I went in and cloudy and cold when I left and hasn't got any better... !


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