Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks Review Shades 21 & 25

Bourjois is a brand that I really struggle to get on with, especially their foundations as I have pale oily/combination skin, when I hear everyone raving about their products I always want to run out and buy it but my experience with their foundations always puts me off. That was until I tried their Rouge Edition lipsticks, which I absolutely adore (you can see my post here, I have gone on to buy a few more since then) so when I heard they were releasing a sheer range called shine edition I knew I would end up buying a couple and I did... 
It was pure will power and an unhealthy bank balance which has stopped my buying more!

The lipsticks cost £7.99, but they are currently on offer in Boots buy one get one half price. 

The shades in the tube look quite dark especially shade 25 but they are actually really vibrant colours, especially the red shade which is bright with a hint of orange to it. Shade 25 is more of a purple berry shade and definitely not at dark as it looks in the picture or tube, the colour can be built up nicely but not to the dark plum colour it shows at the bottom.

The swatches below show the colour pay off after one application and after
building up the colour.

L- R Shade 25 - Shade 21

I really love these lipsticks, I would say that the red shade is a lot less sheer than I expected and is in between the Revlon Lip Butters and L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks (comparative swatches here) for colour pay off. Now the weather has turned a bit cooler I have been enjoying wearing the berry shade as an everyday colour, for an evening look I will also be wearing it on top of my Revlon Balm lipstain in Crush (post here) which I can sometimes find a bit drying, and I think they are a good colour match.

They tend to last about 2 hours and the glossy feeling tends to go within an hour but that is the same for nearly every sheer lipstick I have ever tried, although the red shade as it's more vibrant last the longest and even left a bit of a stain on my arm from the swatch.

If I didn't already have every lipstick shade I could ever need I would be straight out to get more of these, if you are a fan of sheer lipsticks I would definitely recommend giving these a go.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

GOSH CC Cream Review

Gosh are a brand that I have never taken much notice of before and I have often walked past the stand in Superdrug without even looking at it, but recently I have read more and more posts about how good the shade range at Gosh was for pale skintones, and when they released their CC cream I thought it was time to give them a try, it also helped that the CC cream was on offer too! The current price is £8.99.

I don't really get the whole BB or CC cream thing, I very much doubt the high street versions stick to the original versions from the Asian market, but I don't mind as long as they are good!

The Gosh CC cream is an illuminating foundation, which is oil free and contains SPF 10.

The CC cream has light coverage but you can easily build it up for a light to medium coverage but I don't think you could build it higher, the shade Ivory is a perfect match for my skintone and it's not the lightest (yay) and doesn't have any hint of orange (I'm looking at you Rimmel!). The CC cream gives a lovely natural radiance to my skin that doesn't look artificial and it leaves my skintone looking really even, I can hardly notice any red patches that I have. 
I do have oily skin so I find that after a few hours I do have shiny areas but for an illuminating foundation I think it copes pretty well with oily/combination skin, although I always use my Rimmel Stay Matte powder on top and when I remember I will use a primer too.

I have really enjoyed using this foundation and it is definitely my go to for the weekend or when I can get away with a light coverage, the only negative I have is the scent, I can't put my finger on what it is but it reminds me of burnt wood although when I asked my boyfriend what he thought it was he said it smelled like crayons, anyway if you are sensitive to fragrance I would just be aware of it I don't notice it after I have finished my makeup but I always notice it when I'm applying it.

I will definitely be paying more attention to Gosh products from now on.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My obsession with statement necklaces

I'm not normally a person that gravitates towards bold clothes or really bold make up but I love a statement necklace! I love adding statement necklaces to outfits to make them look a bit more fashionable, I tend to wear plain t-shirt dresses so just adding one of these necklaces adds a lot to my outfit. I have added a few to my collection recently and noticed I obviously have a style that I stick with as they are all a shade of gold!

Quite a few of them I've had for a long time but others are recent additions!

1 - Primark
2 - New Look
3 - Birthday pressy so I don't know
4 - H&M
5 - H&M
6 - Primark (it's quite old but I have seen the style repeated everywhere!)
7 - Accessorize
8 - Primark (I've had this for a couple of years)

I think H&M and Primark are great for statement necklaces that you can wear everyday to update an outfit or for a night out, they tend to be the cheapest places too!

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