Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Garnier BB cream for Combination/Oily skin

I was really surprised to see this in Superdrug the other day as I had heard nothing about the probably most well known western BB cream releasing an oil free version. I bought the original Garnier BB cream last year when it was released with all the hype and loved it, I really liked how it gave my skin a lovely glow but it always left my skin very oily after a few hours, I couldn't really justify buying it again when it ran out but I was always tempted. 
When I saw this I Superdrug I had to buy it, the introductory price is £7.49 I'm not sure what the normal price will be but as the original Garnier is often on offer for around £7.99 I doubt it will be that much more expensive.

The BB cream claims to be a miracle skin perfector, which gives immediately perfected skin. it also quotes results of immediately giving a radiant matte finish for 86% of women, pores appear less visible for 84% of women, and imperfections appear minimised for 76% of women. It also claims that after 4 weeks skin will look less oily, pore appearance is minimised, imperfections are visibly reduced and skin radiance is improved.

So did it actually do what it said on the box?... Yes! 
(although I haven't had it long enough for the 4 week claims)

The BB cream has a different tube compared to the original which I prefer as I think it makes it look like a higher quality product, and the BB cream itself has a much more liquid consistency than the original, but you will still only need a small amount unless you are wanting to build up coverage. It also contains SPF 20 which is brilliant as I only wear moisturiser or foundation with at least SPF 15.

Sorry not too sure why the second picture looks so orange, it's definitely not the BB cream!
It leaves your skin looking even and shine free, I was really pleased with how matte my nose and chin stayed throughout the day, it's not often I have a foundation/BB cream that can manage that, not even my No7 BB cream for oily skin. If I'm honest it doesn't offer as much of an illuminating glow but the even healthy look it gives your skin makes up for it. 
I think Garnier may have addressed the issue of their original light BB cream not being that light, as this one is more of a match to my skin colour and blends in well.

Overall I'm really pleased with this product

Will you be trying out the new Garnier BB cream?

You can see my updated review after using the BB cream for a month here.



  1. I really liked the original one (but it was a bit dark for me) + like you said, I found it oily after a bit, even though I dont have oily skin. This sounds even better! :)

  2. I purchased this when it was first released out here in the states, and love it!

  3. I wouldn't say they have got the light tone just right for me but it is definitley better than the original. I have also been using this as a base for light/medium foundations as this BB cream feels a lot lighter on than the original.

    Elaine x

  4. Hi, where did you purchase this product from? I live in the United States and we have this product here too but Garnier only offers the "light/medium" shade in stores for oily/comb skin. The "light/medium" shade is too dark for me because I have a very creamy light complexion. Where did you get the "light" shade from? Thanks so much!

    -Marielle :)

    1. Hi, I got it from Boots in the UK, I do find in the winter it is still a bit dark for me but I add a bit of white foundation to make it lighter, maybe you could try that?
      I had a quick look for you and you try buying it from here, I'm not sure if they deliver to the united states though, but worth a look.


  5. So since I hit puberty, I've always had numerous tiny pimples on my forehead - and its because I also have combination skin! They'd come and go in different areas, but I've always had them there. Nothing else besides Citrus Clear has EVER cleared my skin. I am 100% pimple free. I suppose all of those acne treatments i used previously were irritating my skin further.
    I only use one pump, when I take showers. Furthermore, if I forget to wash my face that day, (I generally only wash my face once a day now) then I STILL don't usually break out, and I wear face makeup as well!


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