Monday, 21 May 2012

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara Review

I received this Mascara free with Elle magazine a while ago and it only really occurred to me to do a review of this after I had swapped it at Debenhams in the Clinique mascara swap, ooops so sorry about the images.

Anyway let’s get down to business here’s what Soap and Glory Say - This false lash effect mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. Featuring SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers. *While we don’t feel it’s ladylike to brag, we’re feeling particularly bullish about our mascara. (And hope after trying it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely marvelous.)

I found that this mascara is really comparable to Benefit’s Bad Girl however unfortunately not quite as good. Like Bad Girl it does give you full on jetblack lashes, perfect for a bold night out look. However I found this product was tricky to build up as it seemed to clump easily and took quite awhile to dry. I also found it extremely messy to apply due to the huge rather soft brush, the brush doesn’t seem to grab your lashes just smears them (and the rest of your eye) with mascara. You can see in the image above I have compared the Bad Girl brush with the just as large yet softer Thick and Fast brush, I personally much prefer the bristles on the Bad Girl brush. Throughout the day I also found I had a tiny bit of fall out  – not great, although I do get this with Bad Girl too. 

So would I buy this again... unsurprisingly no, I feel that you can get mascaras just as good for half the price or pay a bit more for something you’re really happy with. If I had paid £10 for this I would have been extremely disappointed.

Although I wasn’t impressed with the mascara it won’t stop me trying more Soap and Glory make-up as I do love this brand. Have you tired an Soap and Glory make-up, would you recommend any for me to try?


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