Sunday, 20 May 2012

Drinks in London Outfit

I went down to London last weekend to see my lovely friend Joyce, I really enjoyed my weekend catching up, luckily it was sunny while we were there so we went to Spitalfield and Brick Lane markets which were amazing, I really wish Newcastle had markets like that!

I thought I would share with you the outfit I wore when we went out for drinks. 
I saw one woman with the same dress and another with the trousers in the same pattern! I'm not surprised though I can't believe how much of a bargain this H&M dress was, it's not a clingy dress so it's really comfortable to wear.

H&M Dress - £14.99
Miss Selfridge Biker Jacket - £52
Miss Selfridge Ditsy Hand Necklace - £6.50
Topshop Sandals - £25 in the sale, £50 originally - Bargain (Rachel bought them too!)

I recently bought the biker jacket online, I got it in the smaller size as I wanted it to be my motivation to lose weight... I know it's a bit risky if you don't actually do it! 
I really like the jacket but if you ever want to zip it up I would recommend getting it about 3 sizes bigger but it might end up being far too big on your shoulders!! Luckily I don't really ever zip/button up my coats don't really know why!

Do you buy motivation clothes too? Is it too risky??



  1. I have the pencil skirt in this print and always get tons of compliments from people when I wear it. It's so striking. I did want to buy the dress as well but hate my tummy and was scared it would be really clingy.

    Love the sandals


    1. Ooh I would have liked to try the pencil skirt too.
      I hate my tummy too but I was surprised how unclingy this dress was.



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