Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beauty Box Withdrawal

So this is my first month not to receive a Glossybox or Joliebox... and I have to admit I have been reading all the posts about the birthday box with green eyes! 

After I read the first couple of posts I was seriously tempted to just buy this months box I loved the idea of trying the HD brows and lash serum, but after I read more posts I saw the different variety of box's they had again this month, and there were some boxes with products that I really wasn't interested in, so decided not to bother.

The more posts I read the better I felt about cancelling my subscription, whenever I got my box I always felt that I got the dud box compared to others... grass is greener and all that!
It would be better if the boxes were actually aimed to different skin types & preferences that you state in the questionnaire when you signed up, although I know that would be a massive task.

Overall I am pleased I cancelled the subscriptions but I do really miss the excitement of waiting to see  what was in the box each month! 


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