Saturday, 26 May 2012

Amazing Maxi Dress Ebay Find

I bought this Maxi Dress after seeing it on another blog (sorry I can't remember the name) it's an absolute bargain at only £11.49, they have a huge range of colours available, although I think quite a few have sold out now.
They only do sizes 10/12 and 14/16, I absolutely hate this sort of sizing it never is the size it claims to be, but I took a chance and got the 14/16, I have to admit it was a bit tight on the top so for now I will wear it with a jacket or a cardy, but the rest of the maxi was really flattering, I think the 'tucked in' waist is really flattering for curvy girls (like me). 
I really love it and I'm soo pleased that the sun has come out so I can wear it all the time!


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