Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

I bought this foundation quite a while ago when it was first released, you can find it here for £6.99. I went to swatch it fully expecting it to be too dark for my skin tone like most of the other Rimmel foundations but I was pleasantly surprised that the shade 'light porcelain' was nearly the perfect shade for me, it's actually the lightest shade in their range.

Rimmel say: A match so perfect, it's undetectable in any light! Light Perfecting radiance foundation. Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin under any light. Lasts all day. SPF 18

This foundation gives me a light coverage, I have had really bad skin recently and found that I struggled to build up the coverage with this foundation so I have always had to use concealer on top, because of this I only use this foundation during the day. 

It gives a nice finish to my skin when I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush, but I do find that by lunch time at work my skin around my nose and cheeks becomes quite shiny so I need to apply powder or blot around the area, I also notice that around this time my redness around my nose and cheeks is starting to show.
Apart from those issues I was liking this foundation as it was so easy to apply in the morning I didn't have to worry about adding my Barry M white foundation or blending for hours to get the right shade to match my skin tone. I wasn't too fussed about the shiny patches as the foundation makes no claim to have shine control qualities, I just figured it was a winter foundation that wouldn't be best for oily skin in the summer.

That was until I went shopping after work I was having a mootch around in Boots and happened to catch sight of myself in the mirror I looked awful, practically all of my foundation had gone and my blotchy skin was showing through, I put it down to a bad day, but after that on other occasions after work I noticed the same thing. So on my skin this foundation does not last all day at all, I would say 6 hours max, and if I'm having a bad skin day or have an important meeting/event at work where I want to look my best I never reach for this as I know it won't cover fully or won't last long after lunch.

On a positive note I do like how the foundation does blend very well into the skin, sometimes when highstreet foundations do lighter shades they tend to make them too white so any colour I have on my skin is lost, but I don't find that with this foundation at all, it's not the perfect match but it's pretty close at only £6.99.

Overall I this is a bit of a meh foundation, it's just ok for me right now, I don't think I would buy it again as I don't think it will work with my skin in the summer and sometimes I need a better coverage out of a winter foundation.

Have you tired Match Perfection yet?



  1. Thanks for such a frank and honest review showing how it could apply badly.

    Jules x

  2. Thanks, i always try to be honest, but I really wanted to share how disappointed I was. X

  3. I bought this in early february. I have Celtic roots so I am the palest of the pale. I actually look grey sometimes and my friends ask me if I'm ill. Anyway, I bought shade 100 ivory, and I was disappointed at the colour, although this can eb lightened with Barry M white foundation. Apart from this I thought it was good for me for coverage, but I do have an oily skin problem. Something I recommend is Witch Hazel oil control facial foam underneath, this makes the foundation stick for longer, but at the end of the day I would recommend making sure you moisturise, because it isn't immediately dry, but after a few uses of this technique, you need to moisturise. Blah blah blah I'm sure you already know all this anyway, but that's just what I thought.
    Here is a link to the oil stuff :) :

  4. I was debating whether to buy this foundation and I have decided to buy it for when my skin is having good days so as it is only a lightweight foundation! Thank you for helping me, please check out my blog I have only just started I would really appreciate it
    Thank you x

  5. I love this foundation so much it appears in my January favourites :)


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