Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beauty Box Withdrawal

So this is my first month not to receive a Glossybox or Joliebox... and I have to admit I have been reading all the posts about the birthday box with green eyes! 

After I read the first couple of posts I was seriously tempted to just buy this months box I loved the idea of trying the HD brows and lash serum, but after I read more posts I saw the different variety of box's they had again this month, and there were some boxes with products that I really wasn't interested in, so decided not to bother.

The more posts I read the better I felt about cancelling my subscription, whenever I got my box I always felt that I got the dud box compared to others... grass is greener and all that!
It would be better if the boxes were actually aimed to different skin types & preferences that you state in the questionnaire when you signed up, although I know that would be a massive task.

Overall I am pleased I cancelled the subscriptions but I do really miss the excitement of waiting to see  what was in the box each month! 


Monday, 28 May 2012

BM Beauty Mineral Makeup Goodies Review

We were extremely luckily to receive some samples and a eyeshadow brush to try out from Laura McConiskie the co-founder of BM beauty. Neither of us had really tried mineral makeup before, but it is something that has always interested us, so we were happy to give it a try.

We received 3 eyeshadows in Aquatic Galaxy, Her Majesty and Platinum Tiara (L-R).
The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and have a great depth of colour, from different angles you pick up a range of colours in the shadows. They are great buildable colours you can wear them as subtle or as strong as you want or you can get an extremely vibrant colour when applied wet, which is great as an eyeliner. Although we found they can be a bit messy to apply and do fall out so make sure you have a brush to clear up under your eyes when your applying them!

We mixed the eyeshadows with clear nail varnish to make our very own nail varnish, it was soo easy we will to a NOTD post soon!

Bronzer in Summer Warmth.
We were both a bit scared of this bronzer when we first swatched it as it seemed so dark and shimmery and we both tend to prefer matte bronzers, however after we had a play with it we instantly loved it. This is a really shimmery bronzer and adds an instant fresh tanned glow, I think its a bit much for the daytime but on holiday and nights out this will look great. As we are both very pale we only needed the tiniest amount and found that a little goes a very long way. You can really build this up to the strength of colour you desire so it should suit most skin tones, and although it looks it in the pot it really isn't too orange. I've also worn this as an eyeshadow, which I think looks lovely alongside the bronzer for a really simple tonal night time look.  I'm going to take this on holiday with me next week as I think it will look amazing on tanned skin and the sample pot is the perfect size for a travel bag!

Lipgloss in Nude.
This is a beautiful nude/pink colour with a hint of coral.  It doesn't feel too sticky when you are wearing it, but due to the sample packaging we received it in it was very difficult and messy to put on so we haven't really worn it much so couldn't comment on how it wears. Overall though if you're after a nice nude lip gloss I think the colour of this is gorgeous and I was really pleasantly surprised at how nice this looked on as I have dark lips I struggle with nude lip colours. As you can see in the image above it looks great on Elaine and you can see how lovely and pigmented it is.

123 Eyeshadow Brush
This is a really nice soft brush, it picks up the mineral eyeshadow really well and is a really nice size to blend with. We have already washed this and were happy to report that all the bristles are still intact. We have also learnt from the BM Beauty website that synthetic brushes are more hygenic than real hair which is nice to know.  I usually swear by my Ecotools and Real Technique brushes but I'm definitely going to invest in a few of these, I've got my eyes on the foundation brush and blush/bronzer brush.

We both really liked the BM Beauty makeup and have heard good things about their foundation and finishing powder so can't wait to try them out too, you can buy sample sizes of their foundation from their website for £1.25, although there is a £3.50 delivery charge.

Elaine & Rachel

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Amazing Maxi Dress Ebay Find

I bought this Maxi Dress after seeing it on another blog (sorry I can't remember the name) it's an absolute bargain at only £11.49, they have a huge range of colours available, although I think quite a few have sold out now.
They only do sizes 10/12 and 14/16, I absolutely hate this sort of sizing it never is the size it claims to be, but I took a chance and got the 14/16, I have to admit it was a bit tight on the top so for now I will wear it with a jacket or a cardy, but the rest of the maxi was really flattering, I think the 'tucked in' waist is really flattering for curvy girls (like me). 
I really love it and I'm soo pleased that the sun has come out so I can wear it all the time!


Friday, 25 May 2012

Bargain Zara Sandals!

I was Zara the other day and saw these gorgeous sandals for only £19.99! 
I had to have them straightaway. 
The only thing was that I found the toe strap to be a little tight so I've actually bought them a size bigger, hopefully they won't stretch and become too big!
I'm not normally a Zara fan (although Rachel is obsessed and is always dragging me there), but it just seems like this season they have loads of great things at really reasonable prices.

What do you think of Zara?

Update: These sandals are in the summer sale for £15.99! Bargain!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Holland and Barrett Beauty Box

 Recently we were lucky enough to be sent a box full of natural beauty goodies from Holland and Barrett, we have always been intrigued by this store but can sometimes find it a bit overwhelming when you don't know what your looking for. So we were both really pleased to receive this box as all the products were explained and seem to be exactly what we were after.

Holland and Barrett say: In recent research nearly half of women surveyed (48%) revealed they ditch their make-up on a regular basis, yet the words 'natural look' can still spread panic among those who never leave the house without a make-up safety net.
That's why we'd like to put the old adage to the test that 'beauty starts from within' putting some of our best selling beauty supplements and skin care products to trial in the name of natural beauty. - We couldn't agree more!

So this is what we received...

Elaine: I'm really excited by this product, it's just what I'm after, it smells gorgeous and not too overpowering, I can't wait to try it out.
This intensive repair complex corrects all the little signs of ageing that affect the delicate eye area. Organic Rose Otto Oil is combined with light and gentle rose flower water to soften and hydrate. A botanical blend of Aloe Vera, chamomile, passionflower and calendula helps to fight the onset of wrinkles, minimise the appearance of fine lines and banish puffiness and dark circles.

Pycnogenol (£11.85, 30 capsules)
Rachel: I'm constantly on the hunt for products to help achieve glowing skin and if this does anything near to that I will be more than happy!
This is an antioxidant plant extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree. It was found to improve skin hydration and elasticity in women in a clinical trial, it can also promote glowing skin and reduces the appearance of skin inflamation, resulting in a more even complexion.

Elaine: I can't wait to try this it smells absolutely divine! Apparently Miranda Kerr can't go a day without it... well if it's good enough for Orlando Blooms wife...
This is one of beauty's natural must-haves, giving life to dry and rough skin, melting into the warmth of your skin. It's also brilliant for conditioning tantrum skin and can be eaten on salads or used within cooking.

Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C (£9.75, 30 Capsules)
This aims to support a supple, firm and youthful skin tone, while the vitamin C helps to support the formation of collagen.

Hydrolysed Collagen (£19.85, 180 Capsules)
Collagen is a complex protein which provides the major building material for growth, repair and maintenance of skin as well as nails and hair.

Argan Oil (£12.99, 59ml)
Rachel: I can't wait to try this out, I've been dying to get my hands on pure Argan Oil for a while.
It's rich in essential fatty acids which helps to prevent wrinkling because the skin becomes more toned. Not only is it great for the skin, it can aid hair repair from sun and chemical damage too.

Skin, Hair and Nails Formula (£13.99, 120 Capsules)
A nutritious and well balanced supplement to support healthy hair, vibrant skin and strong nails. The 3-in-one tablet contains antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin B and selenium.

The revolutionary cellulite treatment cream utilises the unique properties found in this incredibly active ingredient and is formulated using researched and tested anti-cellulite extracts.

Holland and Barrett have launched a rewards for life card, so that you can collect points on purchases to spend in store, it also has a mini card key ring attached so that you can put it on your keys and always have a points card on you (great design). 

This box has got us both really excited about trying natural beauty solutions that we may not have considered int he past, we will defiantly be looking in Holland and Barrett for beauty products in the future and will of course keep you updated on any purchases.

We will be trying these products out over the next few weeks, so will let you know what we think soon!

Elaine and Rachel

New Garnier BB cream for Combination/Oily skin

I was really surprised to see this in Superdrug the other day as I had heard nothing about the probably most well known western BB cream releasing an oil free version. I bought the original Garnier BB cream last year when it was released with all the hype and loved it, I really liked how it gave my skin a lovely glow but it always left my skin very oily after a few hours, I couldn't really justify buying it again when it ran out but I was always tempted. 
When I saw this I Superdrug I had to buy it, the introductory price is £7.49 I'm not sure what the normal price will be but as the original Garnier is often on offer for around £7.99 I doubt it will be that much more expensive.

The BB cream claims to be a miracle skin perfector, which gives immediately perfected skin. it also quotes results of immediately giving a radiant matte finish for 86% of women, pores appear less visible for 84% of women, and imperfections appear minimised for 76% of women. It also claims that after 4 weeks skin will look less oily, pore appearance is minimised, imperfections are visibly reduced and skin radiance is improved.

So did it actually do what it said on the box?... Yes! 
(although I haven't had it long enough for the 4 week claims)

The BB cream has a different tube compared to the original which I prefer as I think it makes it look like a higher quality product, and the BB cream itself has a much more liquid consistency than the original, but you will still only need a small amount unless you are wanting to build up coverage. It also contains SPF 20 which is brilliant as I only wear moisturiser or foundation with at least SPF 15.

Sorry not too sure why the second picture looks so orange, it's definitely not the BB cream!
It leaves your skin looking even and shine free, I was really pleased with how matte my nose and chin stayed throughout the day, it's not often I have a foundation/BB cream that can manage that, not even my No7 BB cream for oily skin. If I'm honest it doesn't offer as much of an illuminating glow but the even healthy look it gives your skin makes up for it. 
I think Garnier may have addressed the issue of their original light BB cream not being that light, as this one is more of a match to my skin colour and blends in well.

Overall I'm really pleased with this product

Will you be trying out the new Garnier BB cream?

You can see my updated review after using the BB cream for a month here.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara Review

I received this Mascara free with Elle magazine a while ago and it only really occurred to me to do a review of this after I had swapped it at Debenhams in the Clinique mascara swap, ooops so sorry about the images.

Anyway let’s get down to business here’s what Soap and Glory Say - This false lash effect mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. Featuring SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers. *While we don’t feel it’s ladylike to brag, we’re feeling particularly bullish about our mascara. (And hope after trying it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely marvelous.)

I found that this mascara is really comparable to Benefit’s Bad Girl however unfortunately not quite as good. Like Bad Girl it does give you full on jetblack lashes, perfect for a bold night out look. However I found this product was tricky to build up as it seemed to clump easily and took quite awhile to dry. I also found it extremely messy to apply due to the huge rather soft brush, the brush doesn’t seem to grab your lashes just smears them (and the rest of your eye) with mascara. You can see in the image above I have compared the Bad Girl brush with the just as large yet softer Thick and Fast brush, I personally much prefer the bristles on the Bad Girl brush. Throughout the day I also found I had a tiny bit of fall out  – not great, although I do get this with Bad Girl too. 

So would I buy this again... unsurprisingly no, I feel that you can get mascaras just as good for half the price or pay a bit more for something you’re really happy with. If I had paid £10 for this I would have been extremely disappointed.

Although I wasn’t impressed with the mascara it won’t stop me trying more Soap and Glory make-up as I do love this brand. Have you tired an Soap and Glory make-up, would you recommend any for me to try?


NOTD Maxfactor Fantasy Fire and Navy Barry M

I've had the infamous Maxfactor fantasy fire varnish for a while and although I loved it, I found it slightly annoying how many coats you needed to get a solid colour, you can see the NOTD here. So I thought I'd try it out with different base coats.
I used one coat of Barry M's 292 Navy and then 2 coats of fantasy fire, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, I think it gives a nice petrol look! I will definitely be trying fantasy fire on top of other colour base coats in the future. 


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Drinks in London Outfit

I went down to London last weekend to see my lovely friend Joyce, I really enjoyed my weekend catching up, luckily it was sunny while we were there so we went to Spitalfield and Brick Lane markets which were amazing, I really wish Newcastle had markets like that!

I thought I would share with you the outfit I wore when we went out for drinks. 
I saw one woman with the same dress and another with the trousers in the same pattern! I'm not surprised though I can't believe how much of a bargain this H&M dress was, it's not a clingy dress so it's really comfortable to wear.

H&M Dress - £14.99
Miss Selfridge Biker Jacket - £52
Miss Selfridge Ditsy Hand Necklace - £6.50
Topshop Sandals - £25 in the sale, £50 originally - Bargain (Rachel bought them too!)

I recently bought the biker jacket online, I got it in the smaller size as I wanted it to be my motivation to lose weight... I know it's a bit risky if you don't actually do it! 
I really like the jacket but if you ever want to zip it up I would recommend getting it about 3 sizes bigger but it might end up being far too big on your shoulders!! Luckily I don't really ever zip/button up my coats don't really know why!

Do you buy motivation clothes too? Is it too risky??


NOTD Nails Inc Instyle Power Pink Free Nail Polish & a dupe

This is my favourite free Nails Inc polish from June's Instye magazine, I am slightly obsessed with purple nail polish! This colour is actually more pinky than this picture shows.
If you haven't been able to find this colour with Instyle, I had to go to quite a few shops to find it, I have a slight dupe for you to try! 

17 Parma Violet

It's actually a slighter paler version but pretty similar! My thumb nail is the Instyle polish so you can see it's not that much of a different colour. 
I'm really pleased that I got the Instyle polish though because I'm not sure if you can tell but my bottle of parma violet has got a bit clumpy but I have had it for a couple of years and I love the colour.

Do you think this is a good dupe? Do you know any better ones?


Friday, 18 May 2012

My Miracle Lip Balm

I have heard a lot of bloggers raving about this lip balm so I was excited to receive it in the April Natural Glossybox, the balm contains organic ingredients and is petroleum free.

I have really dry lips and I find that when I use lip products including some lip balms like Vaseline, lip sticks and lip glosses after wearing them for about an hour or so they always seem to congeal on my lips which doesn't look very appealing! So although I love lipsticks I used to wipe them off after a couple of hours.

So I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried this, but after the first time I used this I was instantly hooked, I used this ten minutes before putting my lipsticks on and they lasted perfectly and didn't congeal! I love this lip balm, the only down side is that my lips seem to be addicted to this balm and feel dryer/tighter when I don't use it, but it's only a small downside.

This balm can be used on your lips, face and body, but to be honest as it's such a small pot I will stick to using it on my lips.

It really is my miracle lip balm and what's even better is that it is only £4!

Have you tried Figs & Rouge products? What did you think?


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Deals of the Week - Superdrug 3 for 2, Boots £5 No7 & Fragrance Voucher, Clinique Mascara Swap

Here's a few of my favorite deal this week - 

This for me is the most exciting  - Superdrug have 3 for 2 on all cosmetics until the 6th of June (perfect if you pay day is at the end of the month like me) I've got a huge list of highstreet/drugstore products I can't wait to try. However I must say recently when I've been into my local Superdrug the make-up section has been a complete mess and everything I want is either sold out or the samples have been stolen so you can't try them! extremely annoying, sort it out Superdrug!

Boots £5 No7 and Fragrance Voucher - 
Yey its back just in time as I need a new BB cream. I still love that Boots do this and I plan to get as many as possible, I always buy the foundation, nail polishes, brushes and wipes from No7 when these vouchers are out. I'm also glad to see a fragrance voucher this time instead of the eye test!   All you have to do is spend £5 in store to get a free voucher and what I usually do as I'm a cheapskate is spend my voucher and buy something else ( lunch) to tip me over £5 to get another voucher. The voucher is valid until the 26th of June.

Clinique Mascara Swap at Debenhams
As many of you will know Debenhams are running the Clinique Mascara swap, simply take your old, tired mascara (any brand) and swap it for a deluxe sample of their High Impact Mascara or High Lengths Mascara. I've already done this and I swapped the Soap and Glory mascara I got free from a magazine (I was really disappointed with this) for the High Impact Mascara. I've tried the High Impact mascara before as it was another freebie in a magazine and I LOVED it almost as much as the Shocking Yves Saint Laurent mascara. The swap is on now and ends on Sunday the 20th, so HURRY!


Pinterest Inspiration - Apothecary - Trilogy

As you know I love Pinterest and this is a random board I've put together of beauty and homeware inspiration that I thought I would share with you for a bit of a different post. 
This board was inspired by natural, raw finishes and classic apothecary bottles, I absolutely adore apothecary style products/packaging and in the image above you can see some lovely body and skin products from Trilogy, who's packaging I love. Trilogy have been on my radar recently as they have had some great press, apparently Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham all love the Rosehip Oil.
I'd love to get my hands on the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (which was in Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100) and the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner  (to jump on the hydrating mist bandwagon and see what it's like) Have any of you tried Trilogy products, are they worth the price tag??


Monday, 14 May 2012

HURRY - Grazia Body Shop freebie body butter

I've just got this great freebie from Grazia magazine, simply rip out the page and take it to your local Body Shop and you will get this 50ml Coconut Body Butter worth £5 for free. But you will need to hurry the new magazine is out tomorrow and and the offer is only valid until wed the 16th.

Monday, 7 May 2012

NOTD Nails Inc InStyle Bluebell Free Nail Polish

Elaine and I both chose the same free InStyle nail varnish, Bluebell. It's unlike any other colour I have and to be honest I wouldn't normally choose it as I'm not a huge blue/lilac fan - but I like it, it's perfect for spring and I think it's flattering for my skin tone. In daylight I would say it's more lilac/ lavender that it appears in these pictures,

What do you guys think? Did you get any of the free InStyle colours?


April Favourites

I know it's a bit late but here are our April favorites!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I'm a bit obsessed with this brush, I use it everyday, it gives a great finish to my foundation and blusher, I'm definitely going to try other brushes in the range. (I also LOVE this brush it's perfect with cream blusher, Rachel)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
I've had this for a while, but i's only now that I use this everyday it's perfect for under my eyes, the shade has a slight pink colour which is perfect for my skin tone, it is quite liquidy but I use some powder to set it so it doesn't settle in fine lines!

Boots Vitamin e Eye Cream
This eye cream is a bargain at around £2.50 (sorry I cant find it on the Boots website), it is really gentle and it contains SPF 15, which is brilliant as I haven't seen any reasonably priced eye creams with SPF.

Benefit Hervana Blush
This is such a cute blusher, it gives you a lovely berry glow, perfect for this time of year.

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti
I wasn't sure whether I was going to get this but I caved and I'm pleased I did, the orange colour is just what I wanted as it's sheer enough to wear during the day, it has been my go to lipstick, though I'm not convinced about it's moisturising qualities...

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I got this sample free with Red magazine and I love it, the smell is divine and I find it quite energising in the morning. I'll do a review soon and I will definitely be buying a full size bottle or maybe get it for my birthday (HINT, HINT)

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream - Dry / Very Dry
This is great for really dry skin and skins in fast, although it's too much for my t-zone. Theres not much to say about it really it's quite a simple moisturiser, it does what it says on the tin.

Rimmel Pro Nail Polish - Beige Style
I've blogged about this in one of my NOTD posts and I've been wearing it all the time, simple and classic. Looks great with a matte top coat.

Collection 2000  Long Lasting Concealer
I've heard so much good stuff about this concealer but I didn't quite believe the hype as when I've swatched it in store I found it quite heavy, but I was wrong. My skin has been awful and this shade is perfect for covering spots, it even stayed on during sweaty gym sessions - AMAZING

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
This month I've been loving simple make up with a classic cat eye and this is my new go to eyeliner. It has great staying power, it's easy to apply and doesn't look as harsh as a liquid liner - all round winner.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Free Body Shop Lip Stain with June Marie Claire

Marie Claire have a free Body Shop lip and cheek stain with their June issue, there are two colours available a red and caramel colour, the stains normally cost £10 each, Marie Claire costs £3.70, so a bargain. I got the red stain as I wasn't sure how the caramel colour would look on my cheeks... so played it safe!
I have quickly tried it out and it seems pretty good, I like that the stain has a wand applicator so it can be applied easily, although you may need to layer the colour on your cheeks to get a rosey cheeked look. 

Also the magazine has 25% off at Kurt Geiger!! Even better!

PS. How amazing does Angelina look on this cover??


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Free Nail's Inc polishes with Instyle

Buy the June edition of InStyle magazine (£3.80 with Eva Green on the front) and you'll get a free Nail's Inc varnish!

The varnish is full size (10ml), and comes in pale pink, light purple and light blue. These colours are designed specifically for Instyle. Nails Inc varnishes usually retail at around £11.

It is available from Thursday 3 May, until stocks last. I love these sort of freebies!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April's Natural Glossybox

I have finally picked up my glossybox from the post office, I was really good and didn't read any of the spoiler posts!

So as you probably already know this month was the natural glossybox so the usual baby pink box was a natural beige box, even the delivery box was just a normal cardboard box not the usual patterned box. I really liked this idea, and think the themed boxes are fun.

So here is what's inside...

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thist-Quenching Serum
This newly launched ultra concentrated serum is extremely natural and plant based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture.
£29.00 / 30ml 
This is an interesting product, i'm looking forward to trying this out on the dry skin on my forehead.

Inka Cosmetics - Certified Organic Eyeliner in Coco 
A rich creamy consistency unparalleled in the world of natural eyeliners.
£11.75 per Liner
I have tried this out on my hand and it's really good, the eyeliner is lovely and soft and the colour is a pigmented rich brown colour. I can't wait to use this on my eyes, though I'm not sure I would pay £11.75 for an eyeliner.

Monu Professional Skincare - Moisture Rich Collagen Cream
A rich, luxurious cream to relieve dryness and smooth fine lines.
£17.50 / 50ml 
This isn't my kind of thing, I will probably give it to Rachel.

Figs & Rouge - Lipbalm in Cherry and Vanilla
100% pure, 100% natural and 100% organic multi-purpose balm. Excellent for soothing and naturally hydrating dry lips and skin.
£3.29 / 8ml 
I'm really excited that this in this months box, it's a product I hear a lot of bloggers raving about, the scent is gorgeous and will be a must have in my bag. 

Burt's Bees - Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion
Nourishment that lasts up to a full 24 hours. 99% natural.
£9.99 / 190g
This was a really interesting product, although I had heard a Burt's Bees I had never thought of their brand for body lotion, I always associate them with products for feet! I will be trying this out and let you know what it's like.

So overall I'm happy with this months Glossy box, I really like the lipbalm, eyeliner and body lotion, but...
 I have already cancelled my subscription, I have really enjoyed getting a treat in the post every month but I still have a lot of samples that I haven't used and it was starting to become bad value for money, I might end up subscribing to another beauty box again in the future but for now I'm happy enough with my last beauty box. I would definitely recommend them as a one off treat for someone as a present, it's something different and unique.


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