Saturday, 31 March 2012

Get to know me tag!

We were tagged recently by Emily at Describing Beauty, she has given us 11 questions to answer about ourselves, so here are my answers!

1. Are you spontaneous? 
No, I'm really not, I'm a planner and like to know what I'm doing, I would like to more spontaneous though.

2. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had and what did they teach? 
I can't remember his name, but he was a student teacher in my A Level Geography class, a few years later I embarrassed him (and me) by noticing him on a night out and announcing to him and his friends that he used to be my teacher!

3. Have you ever wrote a poem? 

I used to write poems when I was in first school nothing ground breaking normally a rhyming poem about stupid things like sweets!!

4. Is there one thing all of your boyfriends or crushes have had in common? 
I think they have all had a sense of humour in common. I love a guy that can make me laugh!

5. What was your childhood nickname? 
I never had a nickname :-( a friend used to call me Laney but that never really took off.

6. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done? 
Hmm there are soo many... I once dislocated my knee on a night out by hitting it with a toilet door... Oh the shame!

7. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? 

I'd like to think so...

8. When was the last time you were truly happy? 
When I went to Egypt last year with my boyfriend, it had always been my dream to go there. Although being at the caravan with my family this week in the sun came close too!

9. What’s your biggest regret? 
I wish I had put more effort in at uni, I studied Sociology and always used to leave assignments to the last minute, and always had to pull all nighters. I loved uni and my course so I would have liked to have come out with a better class degree to reflect that.

10. What are your goals in life? 
To be happy.

11. Are you usually late, early or right on time? 
I'm always on time or early if I have to be at work or appointments, but I'm usually late if I'm meeting my friends, not really sure why!

I hope you feel like you got to know me a bit better, feel free to ask us anymore questions!

We will try and get photo's of us on here soon too!


Monday, 26 March 2012

We're going Glamping!

Well as close to camping as we will ever get! We are off to Morecambe for the week to stay in a caravan, not the most glamorous of holidays, but I'm really looking forward to it, the whole family are going so it will be nice to spend time with our little nieces, and to have a proper break from work.
We will try and do a few posts while we are there! 

Elaine and Rachel

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Primark and Boots Haul! Plus a sort of freebie!

I had a little shopping spree on Saturday, which isn't great as I'm trying to save money! 
I went into town with Rachel but she had one of those days where you need to buy loads of new things but you don't see anything that you like! Very frustrating!

 This is a really cute top, I had to have it as soon as I saw it especially as it was only £8. 
They also do this in purple and mint.

I love this maxi skirt, I can't believe it was only £13!!
It's such a lovely colour, I don't normally colours this bright and tried it on on a whim. I can't wait to wear it, I'm going to Paris in September and I have already decided this will be my Paris outfit!

Boots currently have all their makeup and makeup accessories on 3 for 2, I think it's great when they have this offer on! It took all my restraint not to go mad and buy some of the things I have been wanting to try, like L'Oreal false lash mascara and their new lipstick range, but I'm trying to save money so I got one expensive thing and two cheaper ones... I was quite proud of myself!

 I got this in Buff for £12.49 in the combination/oily skin range.
I have worn it a few times now and I really love it, the colour really does last a long time it lasted until I washed it off at the end of the night, and it had a really great coverage. The shine control was really good too, not 100% shine free but I'm resigned to the fact I will never get a decent foundation that will be.
The only negative I have about this foundation is that the bottle doesn't have a pump so it's hard to control the amount that comes out the bottle so it's a bit messier!

I really like Collection 2000's range of felt tip liners, I already have the black and the purple and use them daily, so I really wanted to try the Teal for a change. I really like the colour and it has brilliant staying power, the tip of the eyeliner allow you to get a thin line or build up to a thicker line.
They are a brilliant range of eyeliners at £2.99, that really rival any other more expensive brand, including my other favourite L'Oreal Carbon Gloss.

I also got some makeup sponges to go with the Revlon foundation.

Now to my 'sort of freeby', I had thought that I had given my £20 Kurt Geiger voucher that I got free from Elle to Rachel as I knew I could never afford their shoes, but I recently found it, so thought I'd nip in and see if there were any accessories that caught my eye.. of course there were!
I got this fake snakeskin purse in Nude, for £20 (so technically for free) I love how the colour has a hint of purple to it. I think I will use this as a case for my camera. Don't get me wrong I don't normally spend £20 on a small purse, and I wouldn't have done if I didn't have the voucher, but you can tell the purse if high quality it's lovely and soft.
On another note, I really like the packaging that the purse came in, especially the imprinted stars!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masque Review

I bought this in Boots a couple of weeks ago when I needed something to make me spend over a £5 to get the No7 voucher, I didn’t have very high hopes as it was only a £1 per sachet and I never find face masks make that much difference, however I was very wrong I found this was amazing.

This is what Montagne Jeunesse say -  Gently peel away dead skin with our amazing Passion Peel Off deep cleansing masque. Our Pomegranate and Passion Flower formula cleans, purifies and protects leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant.

For once I completely agree with the manufactures description, it really was a deep pore cleaner which got rid of my dead skin and left my face feeling soft clean and glowing. Going on its extremely sticky and a little bit messy, although that didn’t bother me all, they suggest leaving it on for 10-20 minutes but I needed 25 as it still wasn’t dry all over, but as its smells amazing and fruity it was enjoyable having it on. When I removed it the mask came off in one full piece, which is always satisfying.

I will definitely be buying these face masque again, on their website I noticed the passion peel off was best for oily to normal skin, so as my skin is dry I might try another variety and I hope it works even better.


I went out and bought this after Rachel told me how good it was, and I have to agree it was a really nice face mask (and fun, I love peel off masks), the only thing is that it's a bit painful when you take it off, it sticks onto your skin well! But it's satisfying because you know it's taking all the dirt and dead skin with it. They were on 3 for 2 when I got it from Boots so I'm looking forward to trying it out again.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

NOTD: 17 Woo Me

Ignore the 'just in' sticker I've had it for a year!
I love this blue/grey lilac colour, I think it is just the right colour for this time of year!
I wouldn't say this has any extra lasting power though, I only put this on yesterday but I will definitely need to touch up the ends of my nails before I go out tomorrow night.
But I do really love this colour!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Charles Worthington Front Row Dry Shampoo Review

This is the worst dry shampoo I have ever used!
I got this at the weekend, as I had went into Boots to buy the Front Row volumising mousse and noticed that the Front Row products were on 2 for £8 so I thought I would get this too as I needed dry shampoo (this normally costs £6.49). I tried this for the first time this morning as I had slept in and was running late for work so had no time to wash my hair. 
I couldn't get the white powder out of my hair no matter how much I rubbed it in or tried to brush it out, and what made it even worse was that it felt like I had actually used hairspray and that I had loads of product in my hair when I had only used a little, my hair felt and looked awful. I ended up having to tie my hair up and it still looked terrible, I would have been better off having slightly greasy hair!
I'm really pleased that I didn't pay full price for this, but I still feel ripped off! I should have just bought my trustworthy Batiste..


Sunday, 18 March 2012

NOTD: Maxfactor Fantasy Fire

I managed to get my hands on this for my night out on Friday, luckily there was plenty in my local Boots. 
The colour is actually much more of a vibrant bright purple than I expected, which hasn't really been picked up in this picture. The nail polish is also very opaque so it takes a few coats to get the above coverage I actually lost count I think it was 5/6, luckily it dries quickly!
I really like this nail varnish but I think I might try this over a navy or a dark purple to save me applying loads of coats and to try and make the vibrant purple a bit more subtle. I will see how it goes and try to do an updated NOTD soon.


No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation & Shine Free Makeup Base Review

I was in Boots the other day and had a No7 voucher burning a hole in my pocket, so I wanted to have a look at their foundations, my skin is really awful at the minute and I haven't got a foundation that has the right sort of coverage and shine control I need, so I was interested in No7's Beautifully Matte Foundation which is normally £13.50. The first thing I noticed was that the palest colour they had in this range was porcelain 02 but in other ranges they have a paler shade called Alabaster so I don't why they don't do it in this range... I was asking the Boots lady about this foundation and she very kindly gave me a sample to try out, and I had mentioned my problem oily skin and how I find it difficult to get the right foundation and she got me a sample of their Shine Free Makeup Base too, so I was very pleased.

So I tried out the foundation and I was impressed by the coverage which I would say was a good medium, although it may not be the best if you have dry patches as I think this foundation would highlight this. The shine control was good, and it did control my oily skin longer than a normal foundation but I would say I had a shiny nose and cheeks by lunchtime, but I was still pleased with the results. I had read reviews on the Boots website about it having an odd smell but I didn't notice anything. 
I would rush out and buy this as with my No7 voucher it would only cost £8.50 BUT porcelain is too dark for me, I do have pale skin but I don't think it's extremely pale, so I think if you have really pale skin you would really struggle with this, I have used darker foundation before and spent time blending to make it work but I wanted a foundation I didnt have to do this. I'm really disappointed especially as I know they have a paler colour in other ranges. 
So the hunt for a decent matte foundation goes on, I have heard Revlon Colour stay is good, has anyone tried it?

I was looking forward to trying out this make up base if I'm honest I wasn't expecting much as I am normally disappointed by products like this but I really liked it. It has a really surprising thick consistency so you only need to use a little bit at a time to blend it out, so this wont be for everyone. It did really help my skin so I think combined with a good foundation this would be great, it normally costs £11 but with the voucher it will be £6, so I think I'm going to go out and get the full size.

I will definitely be asking for samples more often, it was really helpful to try out the product first and it saved me £8.50 as I would have bought that foundation then wouldn't have used it as it was too dark.


Monday, 12 March 2012

NOTD: Peach Melba and Peach Me Softly

 It must be spring as both Rachel and I have just bought peach nail varnishes!

Barry M 318 Peach Melba
I wasn't sure when I first put this on as I don't think the colour really compliments my skin tone, but meh I've grown to like it. Like any other Barry M nail varnishes it goes on well, dries quickly and normally takes two coats, Perfect! Sorry it looks a bit messy I had my neon yellow Illamasqua nail varnish on before and I don't think I took it off too well around my nails.

H&M Peach Me Softly
I bought this on Thursday when everyone was going crazy over the Marni launch, I think I was the only one to not buy Marni that morning!
I'm impressed with how well this nail varnish goes on, as my nails are full of ridges and these sort of colours normally show them quite badly. This is a bit too much of an orangey peach for me, but I think I will be definitely trying H&M nail varnishes again especially at £2.99!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Boots Haul

Boots have currently got all 17 makeup on 3 for 2 so I couldn't resist getting a few things! I've had them for a while so I've tested them out already.
I'd heard really good things about 17's Miracle Matte foundation so I was really looking forward to trying it out, unfortunately I bought Natural which looked fine in the shop but was too dark for me when I got home (I'm rubbish at picking the right foundation for my skin tone!) but I hate wasting product so I've been using it anyway but blending it out as much as I can which is really difficult as this is a very sticky foundation. I wouldn't recommend putting this on with your fingers as when I did I had streaky marks on my face and I didn't realise, it's a foundation to spend more time putting on which means I haven't been wearing it everyday for work just weekends really. 
I have found that it really works at a matte foundation I'm really impressed, I haven't needed to apply any powder when I use this which has never happened with any liquid foundation I've used before, I would be rushing out to buy the fair toned version but I want a foundation with a but more coverage as although it has all day shine control (which it does) I wouldn't say it has good coverage, so I'm going to keep a hold of this until the summer.
I really wish there were more matte foundations out there like this!

 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in Bee-Hive, I've heard a few bloggers rave about this and I love this range of lipsticks so thought I would give it a go... and I love it I have worn it everyday since I bought it, it's a really nice mix of nude and pink colours, perfect for during the day or a perfect match if you have a really smokey eye at night. It's exactly the type of colour I have been after, it has a really nice glossy/moisturising look and feel without being sticky.
Sorry I tried to get a good picture of the colour but it kept coming up as a browny colour which it isn't.

I adore the Spring Birghts Spring Fling compact, it is soo cute and I love the vintage packaging, apart from the front of the compact itself, when you take it out of the box the compact itself looks very cheap, it would have been nice to have the design of the box on the compact too. But apart from that I love it and the colours are really pigmented!

So after I had bought all of these I got a £5 voucher for No7 and I already had one, so this is what I bought with my vouchers.

Lipliner in Fiery Red

And No7 Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care.

17 have also got an offer on for Boots Card holders, if you buy any 17 product you get a Hide and Chic Brightening Concealor, subject to availability, valid until 20th March. All you have to do is print a voucher from the boots card kiosks.


Harrods (March) Glossybox Review

So the Harrods Edition Glossybox arrived yesterday, and as you might of seen in my last post I was really excited to get home to open it... I really liked the white box and the Harrods ribbon... so here is what was inside.

You also received a code for 20% off selected Harrods beauty products, which is GB9HXS0KP.

Molton Brown - Heavenly Ginger-Lily Moisture Bath & Shower
Vitamin-rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses.
I know everyone raves about Molton Brown products but I'm really not that fussed, yeah this does smell nice but I prefer more fruity shower gels, I will probably end up giving this away if I'm honest.

YSL - Forever Youth Liberator Serum
A powerful serum enriched with 3 glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.
I didn't really know what to make of this when I first saw it, but the more I looked at it I was quite impressed, the bottle is tiny but the product does go a long way, I was thinking about getting a serum for under my eyes (I'm getting paranoid about wrinkles!) so I am really pleased that I got this. Though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy it again as I expect it to be very expensive!

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Mist Copper No. 202
With a balmy, lip-loving formula, Lip Mist offers sheer colour with an irresistible gloss shine.
I was soo excited when I saw this in the box, I love the packaging and how the Burberry stripes are on the lipstick! But I'm not crazy on the colour as it is very natural looking it would have been nice to have a more striking colour, and this lipstick definitely does not have an irresistible gloss shine, but it is moisturising. Overall I like it but mainly because of the novelty of having a Burberry lipstick even if it is tiny!

Clarins - Extra-firming Body Cream
A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps to lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body.
Another Clairns product... I wasn't too keen on the Clarins moisturisers in the February box and neither was Rachel who I gave them too, so I'm not too sure about this, I will give it a try but I'm not really excited about this product.

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her Eau De Parfum
For Her is Narciso Rodriguez's first fragrance. A tribute to Women's grace and power of inspiration.
I can't even tell you how disappointed I was to see a small perfume sample as one of the 5 products, I really don't like them, mainly because I am paying to receive quality samples so technically I have paid for this sample when I could have gone to Boots or John Lewis and asked for a FREE sample if I wanted to. Plus if they aren't the spray samples you end up spilling most of the perfume trying to get it open in the first place! 

Overall I am really disappointed with this Glossybox as there are only 2 products that I sort of like, I know that they can't cater for everyone, but I was disappointed and I'm not sure what about the box made it special to Harrods apart from the ribbon, I think I was expecting more. 
It has made me question whether I am actually getting value for money, as Glossybox does cost £12.95 each month, especially as me and Rachel went to Boots and got some really good free samples today of different foundations (post coming soon!) I may have been too hasty canceling my Joliebox subscription, I might cancel Glossybox and reactivate Joliebox or just stop getting beauty boxes all together.

So what do you think of the Harrods edition of Glossbox?


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Glossybox won!

So in earlier posts I had mentioned that I had temporarily signed up for Jolie Box as well as Glossybox to see which one I preferred... no matter how much I tried I really couldn't justify paying for 2 beauty boxes.
I really liked the February Jolie Box but I have decided to stick with Glossybox, although the gimicks they seem to be doing are a bit annoying they are fun... and ever since I got a text from my boyfriend to say my Harrods Glossybox had arrived this morning I have been really excited and can't wait to get home from work to open it!
So I think I have made the right choice, yeah sometimes I am disappointed with what I actually get in the Glossybox but I love the fun of rushing home to open it!

You might be able to tell Saturday's aren't very busy for me at work!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Haul... Part 2!

Me and Rachel had a bit of a shopping day today, there wasn't really anything from Marni at H&M that was me so got a few other things!

Cargo, Fearne and Front Cover make up are all 75% off, so I got this liquid blusher for only £4.60 originally £18.50!! Bargain!

Topshop lipstick in Innocent for £8, this is a really nice bright pink which was surprising as I thought it would be more of a nude colour, but I love it.

Top from Topshop for £36, I can't wait to wear this with a long black vest top and dark jeans!

H&M nail varnish in peach me softly for £2.99.

These great wedges from Primark for £16.

 Oversized zebra scarf from Primark for £4.


Marni at H&M Haul and more!

So me and Elaine had the day off so went to Marni at H&M launch, luckily we only had to wait half an hour before we got our time slot wrist bands! So this is what I managed to get... (there were a lot of people going mental and grabbing everything, If only I was rich!)

If you have seen the post I did earlier for Marni I got my wish list, and a little bit more! 
Unfortunitly the green version of this necklace sold out in the wristband group before me, but I managed to nab a redish version of it - however after trying it at home I can't justify the money on a necklace I'm not 100% happy with (if only I'd got up earlier and got the green one)
Also the blue top which Is stunning and I adore the print, just doesn't quite fit me as its a tiny bit large - I am so gutted about this as I love this top so much, but again I can't justify paying so much money on a top that doesn't quite fit. So after my H&M Marni haul I'm quite sad I'm only sticking with the green dress in this picture (i LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress, think it will look great with a thin belt) and I think I'm keeping the top version of the dress, although may have to be sold if I'm skint at the end of the month :-(
So if you're interested in the necklace or blue top (size 14) email me or check out my ebay listings by clicking on the links below - 
I must say H&M are pro's at the designer collaborations now and the Newcastle store really wasn't that hectic, very well organized, so well done to all the staff! 
Also I love the packaging!

I love these shoes from Topshop for £68, although they are really high they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

 Rose gold bracelet from H&M for £3.99.

I got this Cargo primer for only £5 as all the Cargo make up is 75% off! So far I really like it, but I will give it a try for a couple of weeks and do a review.

Topshop - £29
Primark - £10
I was this grey dress in Primark for only £10! I was really pleased as I had been debating whether to get a similar one from Topshop for ages!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Rachel gave me this the other day as it wasn't her sort of thing, it has a mint tingle on your lips when you first put it on which isn't for everyone. But I really like this, it has the same brilliant lip balm but with a lovely shimmer colour, this one is Champagne, it is very shimmery almost glittery finish but it's not over the top.
The lip balm costs £5.99 and you can get it from here.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

February Carmine Box - ooops 2 boxes

So after a slight mix up I received 2 February Carmine boxes, my lovely boyfriend signed me up for the carmine box for valentines day not knowing I had already signed up too, not that I minded as I used the half price deal and the boxes were great! So heres a rather late review of my two Carmine boxes -

BOX 1-

Full size 125ml Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash
I was really happy to see this product in the box as I was impressed by the radiance face oil from this brand (Balance Me) which I received in the January Carmine box (my boyfriend signed me up so I received the Jan and Feb boxes, but as it was so late I haven't done a full box review, although I must say I did really like this box)

Balance Me sayTreat your body to our skin-quenching super moisturising collection to keep parched and very dry skin at bay whilst helping to minimise the risk of stretch marks and visible signs of ageing.

 I  love that this is a natural product made in the UK and without parabens, sulphates etc, although I must say I was slightly disappointed when I used this product as I wasn't overly keen on the smell (sort of a musky orangeish smell, perhaps a little too manly) and I already have a stockpile of my favourite shower washes already which I feel leave my skin a lot softer. However I do think the brand is fantastic and would be more than happy to try more of their products.

Full size 75g Steamcream - Earth Limited Edition
Again I was pleased to see a lovely natural product in the box and I absolutely adore the packaging, I'm so glad I received the Earth edition as when I looked on the Steamcream website I was really disappointed with the other designs, too girly and quite cheap looking.

Steamcream sayWe handmake STEAMCREAM in the UK and Japan with fresh natural ingredients, fused together with a shot of steam. Our unique method means that STEAMCREAM gives your face instant refreshment the moment you use it. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down and revives your skin straight away.

Anyhow this is a really creamy lavender scented moisturiser for face, body and hands, this product smells amazing and sinks into my skin really well, I must say when I use this it does tingle my skin slightly but not in a bad way. I wouldn't use this on my face but I'm going to take it to work and use it as a hand cream (It will look great on my desk) If i could get the Earth design tin or something equally as good looking I would defiantly buy this product again when it runs out and with the Carmine code you can get 20% off.

24g White Glo Whitening Toothpaste
I was pleased to see this in the box as I've been wanting to try out some whitening products. I've been using this for a couple of days and haven't seen much difference but I will keep you updated and do a full review soon.

White Glo say - Rated most effective whitening Toothpaste by a leading consumer trial. This formulation was originally developed for actors and models.* With regular use, this will help restore your teeth's glamourous shine giving you a radiant smile.

Full size Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - Naomi
This is a classic colour which I was pleased to see as my last nail varnish close to this colour has gone too thick, I've also seen this brand in Superdrug and have wanted to try it for awhile. 

Andrea Fulerton say - Andrea herself mixes and develops key nail trends, making many products available which were previously 'only available to professionals' and which have been adapted for the everyday woman with invaluable, easy step by step instructions. The Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique will be a one stop nail shop that you can rely on for both nail basics and creativity - long needed in today's nail market within the UK beauty industry

Although it's not a very spring like colour I put it on immediately, it was smooth, glossy and the brush was the perfect size -  it was looking good, until I went to put the second coat on I realised even though I'd left it ages the first coat still wasn't dry, this nail varnish took forever to dry! I was going to do nails of the day with it but unfortunately It was getting late and when I woke up the nail varnish had lines pressed in off my sheets as it wasn't fully dry. I would only try to use this if I had very little plans and could spend along time doing nothing but wiating for my nails to dry (and I mean a LONG time). So overall I must say I was disappointed.

Yardley London Peony Fragrance Eau De Toilette sample 
I wasn't impressed with this as I'm not a fan of getting perfume samples, although this was a bonus product so I can't really complain. The smell is very floral, far too girly for me but some people will love it for a fresh spring scent.

Diego Dalla Palma DDP Beauty The Lipstick Sample 47

I've never heard of this Italian brand but I love their branding on the packaging so found it really intriguing.
Its ultra rich, creamy luxurious texture sinks right into your lips for a full, smooth effect.
The make-up professionals' choice, right from the first coat it imparts intense, vivid colour.

The tiny beads of marine collagen instantly penetrate the contours of the lips, smoothing out wrinkles and creating an immediate lifting effect.A formula enriched with UVA filters and vitamin E ensures a long-lasting moisturising action.

This lipstick feels lovely and creamy on and has great staying power, although this colour really wasn't for me, it was far too pearly and light for my dark lips and simply looked horrendous, although I've given this to Elaine and it looks lovely on her. So overall great lipstick just not for me.
BOX 2 - 

I was so pleased to see that there was a slightly different selection in my second box, I was planning to send it back for a refund but I couldn't bear to when I saw the products. I was happy to see the toothpaste again as I've been using the sample from the last box and hopefully the longer I use it the whiter my teeth will be (fingers crossed) I was disappointed to see the nail varnish was the same colour, but I think i'll give this to my mam as part of her Mother day gift and as for the Yardley sample I could leave or take it as it was a bonus anyway. I was really happy to see two new products and a different colour lipstick.

Diego Dalla Palma DDP Beauty The Lipstick Sample 32

So much happier with this colour as its a more matt peachy colour which suits my dark lips far better and warms my pale complexion. I think this lipstick is great and has a really high end feel, my only complaint is that its so small and therefore its easy to make a mess with it.

32 on the left 47 on the right
Full Size The Balm Frat Boy All In One Shadow/Blush

I've never used any products from this brand before but the packaging had me hooked straight away (Similar to Benefit) I usually use cream blushers but I adore this one, the warm apricot colour is perfect for me and its highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! I must say I wouldn't use this as an eyeshadow as its too pinky for the eyes. This is by far my favourite product from Carmine boxes, although I am aware this product has been in Carmine boxes before but this doesn't bother me as long as in the future I don't receive repeat products.

The Balm Say - Give him a rush he won't forget when he sees you in this velvety, peachy-apricot shadow/blush, Talc and paraben free, Fratboy's fine-graded powder formular adds the perfect amount of colour for a foxy flush so you look stella around the clock.

Full Size Daniel Sandler Eye Delight Ice

I've never heard of this brand but this looks like a sweet eyeshadow pot although I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, I find the clear pots look quite cheap. I haven't had a chance to try this out yet but a quick swatch showed me that its highly pigmented and this classic silver colour will no doubt come in handy at some point. I will do a full review and swatches asap. 

Daniel Sandler Say -  
Eye Delight is your loose shimmer eye shadow to help turn up the volume of your eye make-up - iridescent, micro-fine eyedust powders for brilliant shimmer effects. Pearlescent micro colours.

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