Sunday, 11 March 2012

Boots Haul

Boots have currently got all 17 makeup on 3 for 2 so I couldn't resist getting a few things! I've had them for a while so I've tested them out already.
I'd heard really good things about 17's Miracle Matte foundation so I was really looking forward to trying it out, unfortunately I bought Natural which looked fine in the shop but was too dark for me when I got home (I'm rubbish at picking the right foundation for my skin tone!) but I hate wasting product so I've been using it anyway but blending it out as much as I can which is really difficult as this is a very sticky foundation. I wouldn't recommend putting this on with your fingers as when I did I had streaky marks on my face and I didn't realise, it's a foundation to spend more time putting on which means I haven't been wearing it everyday for work just weekends really. 
I have found that it really works at a matte foundation I'm really impressed, I haven't needed to apply any powder when I use this which has never happened with any liquid foundation I've used before, I would be rushing out to buy the fair toned version but I want a foundation with a but more coverage as although it has all day shine control (which it does) I wouldn't say it has good coverage, so I'm going to keep a hold of this until the summer.
I really wish there were more matte foundations out there like this!

 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in Bee-Hive, I've heard a few bloggers rave about this and I love this range of lipsticks so thought I would give it a go... and I love it I have worn it everyday since I bought it, it's a really nice mix of nude and pink colours, perfect for during the day or a perfect match if you have a really smokey eye at night. It's exactly the type of colour I have been after, it has a really nice glossy/moisturising look and feel without being sticky.
Sorry I tried to get a good picture of the colour but it kept coming up as a browny colour which it isn't.

I adore the Spring Birghts Spring Fling compact, it is soo cute and I love the vintage packaging, apart from the front of the compact itself, when you take it out of the box the compact itself looks very cheap, it would have been nice to have the design of the box on the compact too. But apart from that I love it and the colours are really pigmented!

So after I had bought all of these I got a £5 voucher for No7 and I already had one, so this is what I bought with my vouchers.

Lipliner in Fiery Red

And No7 Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care.

17 have also got an offer on for Boots Card holders, if you buy any 17 product you get a Hide and Chic Brightening Concealor, subject to availability, valid until 20th March. All you have to do is print a voucher from the boots card kiosks.


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