Thursday, 8 March 2012

Marni at H&M Haul and more!

So me and Elaine had the day off so went to Marni at H&M launch, luckily we only had to wait half an hour before we got our time slot wrist bands! So this is what I managed to get... (there were a lot of people going mental and grabbing everything, If only I was rich!)

If you have seen the post I did earlier for Marni I got my wish list, and a little bit more! 
Unfortunitly the green version of this necklace sold out in the wristband group before me, but I managed to nab a redish version of it - however after trying it at home I can't justify the money on a necklace I'm not 100% happy with (if only I'd got up earlier and got the green one)
Also the blue top which Is stunning and I adore the print, just doesn't quite fit me as its a tiny bit large - I am so gutted about this as I love this top so much, but again I can't justify paying so much money on a top that doesn't quite fit. So after my H&M Marni haul I'm quite sad I'm only sticking with the green dress in this picture (i LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress, think it will look great with a thin belt) and I think I'm keeping the top version of the dress, although may have to be sold if I'm skint at the end of the month :-(
So if you're interested in the necklace or blue top (size 14) email me or check out my ebay listings by clicking on the links below - 
I must say H&M are pro's at the designer collaborations now and the Newcastle store really wasn't that hectic, very well organized, so well done to all the staff! 
Also I love the packaging!

I love these shoes from Topshop for £68, although they are really high they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

 Rose gold bracelet from H&M for £3.99.

I got this Cargo primer for only £5 as all the Cargo make up is 75% off! So far I really like it, but I will give it a try for a couple of weeks and do a review.

Topshop - £29
Primark - £10
I was this grey dress in Primark for only £10! I was really pleased as I had been debating whether to get a similar one from Topshop for ages!



  1. Those shoes from Topshop are beautiful!

    1. Thank you I'm totaly in love with them, I wore them out last night and my feet didn't hurt and I didn't fall over! Win! I would highly recommend them.


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