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February Carmine Box - ooops 2 boxes

So after a slight mix up I received 2 February Carmine boxes, my lovely boyfriend signed me up for the carmine box for valentines day not knowing I had already signed up too, not that I minded as I used the half price deal and the boxes were great! So heres a rather late review of my two Carmine boxes -

BOX 1-

Full size 125ml Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash
I was really happy to see this product in the box as I was impressed by the radiance face oil from this brand (Balance Me) which I received in the January Carmine box (my boyfriend signed me up so I received the Jan and Feb boxes, but as it was so late I haven't done a full box review, although I must say I did really like this box)

Balance Me sayTreat your body to our skin-quenching super moisturising collection to keep parched and very dry skin at bay whilst helping to minimise the risk of stretch marks and visible signs of ageing.

 I  love that this is a natural product made in the UK and without parabens, sulphates etc, although I must say I was slightly disappointed when I used this product as I wasn't overly keen on the smell (sort of a musky orangeish smell, perhaps a little too manly) and I already have a stockpile of my favourite shower washes already which I feel leave my skin a lot softer. However I do think the brand is fantastic and would be more than happy to try more of their products.

Full size 75g Steamcream - Earth Limited Edition
Again I was pleased to see a lovely natural product in the box and I absolutely adore the packaging, I'm so glad I received the Earth edition as when I looked on the Steamcream website I was really disappointed with the other designs, too girly and quite cheap looking.

Steamcream sayWe handmake STEAMCREAM in the UK and Japan with fresh natural ingredients, fused together with a shot of steam. Our unique method means that STEAMCREAM gives your face instant refreshment the moment you use it. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down and revives your skin straight away.

Anyhow this is a really creamy lavender scented moisturiser for face, body and hands, this product smells amazing and sinks into my skin really well, I must say when I use this it does tingle my skin slightly but not in a bad way. I wouldn't use this on my face but I'm going to take it to work and use it as a hand cream (It will look great on my desk) If i could get the Earth design tin or something equally as good looking I would defiantly buy this product again when it runs out and with the Carmine code you can get 20% off.

24g White Glo Whitening Toothpaste
I was pleased to see this in the box as I've been wanting to try out some whitening products. I've been using this for a couple of days and haven't seen much difference but I will keep you updated and do a full review soon.

White Glo say - Rated most effective whitening Toothpaste by a leading consumer trial. This formulation was originally developed for actors and models.* With regular use, this will help restore your teeth's glamourous shine giving you a radiant smile.

Full size Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - Naomi
This is a classic colour which I was pleased to see as my last nail varnish close to this colour has gone too thick, I've also seen this brand in Superdrug and have wanted to try it for awhile. 

Andrea Fulerton say - Andrea herself mixes and develops key nail trends, making many products available which were previously 'only available to professionals' and which have been adapted for the everyday woman with invaluable, easy step by step instructions. The Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique will be a one stop nail shop that you can rely on for both nail basics and creativity - long needed in today's nail market within the UK beauty industry

Although it's not a very spring like colour I put it on immediately, it was smooth, glossy and the brush was the perfect size -  it was looking good, until I went to put the second coat on I realised even though I'd left it ages the first coat still wasn't dry, this nail varnish took forever to dry! I was going to do nails of the day with it but unfortunately It was getting late and when I woke up the nail varnish had lines pressed in off my sheets as it wasn't fully dry. I would only try to use this if I had very little plans and could spend along time doing nothing but wiating for my nails to dry (and I mean a LONG time). So overall I must say I was disappointed.

Yardley London Peony Fragrance Eau De Toilette sample 
I wasn't impressed with this as I'm not a fan of getting perfume samples, although this was a bonus product so I can't really complain. The smell is very floral, far too girly for me but some people will love it for a fresh spring scent.

Diego Dalla Palma DDP Beauty The Lipstick Sample 47

I've never heard of this Italian brand but I love their branding on the packaging so found it really intriguing.
Its ultra rich, creamy luxurious texture sinks right into your lips for a full, smooth effect.
The make-up professionals' choice, right from the first coat it imparts intense, vivid colour.

The tiny beads of marine collagen instantly penetrate the contours of the lips, smoothing out wrinkles and creating an immediate lifting effect.A formula enriched with UVA filters and vitamin E ensures a long-lasting moisturising action.

This lipstick feels lovely and creamy on and has great staying power, although this colour really wasn't for me, it was far too pearly and light for my dark lips and simply looked horrendous, although I've given this to Elaine and it looks lovely on her. So overall great lipstick just not for me.
BOX 2 - 

I was so pleased to see that there was a slightly different selection in my second box, I was planning to send it back for a refund but I couldn't bear to when I saw the products. I was happy to see the toothpaste again as I've been using the sample from the last box and hopefully the longer I use it the whiter my teeth will be (fingers crossed) I was disappointed to see the nail varnish was the same colour, but I think i'll give this to my mam as part of her Mother day gift and as for the Yardley sample I could leave or take it as it was a bonus anyway. I was really happy to see two new products and a different colour lipstick.

Diego Dalla Palma DDP Beauty The Lipstick Sample 32

So much happier with this colour as its a more matt peachy colour which suits my dark lips far better and warms my pale complexion. I think this lipstick is great and has a really high end feel, my only complaint is that its so small and therefore its easy to make a mess with it.

32 on the left 47 on the right
Full Size The Balm Frat Boy All In One Shadow/Blush

I've never used any products from this brand before but the packaging had me hooked straight away (Similar to Benefit) I usually use cream blushers but I adore this one, the warm apricot colour is perfect for me and its highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! I must say I wouldn't use this as an eyeshadow as its too pinky for the eyes. This is by far my favourite product from Carmine boxes, although I am aware this product has been in Carmine boxes before but this doesn't bother me as long as in the future I don't receive repeat products.

The Balm Say - Give him a rush he won't forget when he sees you in this velvety, peachy-apricot shadow/blush, Talc and paraben free, Fratboy's fine-graded powder formular adds the perfect amount of colour for a foxy flush so you look stella around the clock.

Full Size Daniel Sandler Eye Delight Ice

I've never heard of this brand but this looks like a sweet eyeshadow pot although I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, I find the clear pots look quite cheap. I haven't had a chance to try this out yet but a quick swatch showed me that its highly pigmented and this classic silver colour will no doubt come in handy at some point. I will do a full review and swatches asap. 

Daniel Sandler Say -  
Eye Delight is your loose shimmer eye shadow to help turn up the volume of your eye make-up - iridescent, micro-fine eyedust powders for brilliant shimmer effects. Pearlescent micro colours.

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