Sunday, 20 May 2012

NOTD Nails Inc Instyle Power Pink Free Nail Polish & a dupe

This is my favourite free Nails Inc polish from June's Instye magazine, I am slightly obsessed with purple nail polish! This colour is actually more pinky than this picture shows.
If you haven't been able to find this colour with Instyle, I had to go to quite a few shops to find it, I have a slight dupe for you to try! 

17 Parma Violet

It's actually a slighter paler version but pretty similar! My thumb nail is the Instyle polish so you can see it's not that much of a different colour. 
I'm really pleased that I got the Instyle polish though because I'm not sure if you can tell but my bottle of parma violet has got a bit clumpy but I have had it for a couple of years and I love the colour.

Do you think this is a good dupe? Do you know any better ones?


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