Friday, 1 June 2012

My Everyday Favourites

As Rachel is currently on holiday in Morocco for her birthday (lucky...) I thought I would do a post about my everyday favourites rather than just May's as I realised I hadn't posted about this yet.

I just wear basic makeup during the day, I just find it easier when I'm half asleep getting ready for work in the morning.
I have mentioned most of these before so I wont go on and on...

L'Oreal Million Lashes Extra Black - Still my all time favourite mascara, I just bought this on for only £7.99 and free p&p.
Collection 2000 Extreme Felt tip eyeliner - I love this it is soo easy to use I also have the purple and Teal colours. Be warned don't try the teal as a tested on your hands it really does last 24 hrs, the purple and the black not so much.
Maxfactor Khol eyeliner - Has to be the blackest softest eyeliner pencils I have ever used.
Garnier Eye roll on in Light- Brilliant for those tired days and my friend Sophie told me hey are on offer in Morrisons for only £2!!
Garnier BB Cream for combination/oily skin - Love it! See my earlier post.

(T-B) Hervana, Coralista & Thrrrob
 I use these Benefit blushers everyday (not all at once of course!) and I love them, they are quite expensive at £23.50 per blusher but I was lucky enough to receive them as presents, apart from Hervana I have used these everyday for a good couple of years and I'm yet to hit the pan. They last on your cheeks all day, which is amazing as they sometimes out last foundation.
Hervana is a lovely berry colour when it's all mixed up, Coralista is a rosey gold which is perfect for the spring/summer and Thrrrob is a pretty glowing pink great for all year round.

(L-R) Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti & 17 Mirror Shine in Beehive
I am obsessed with these two lipsticks and if I'm not wearing one I'm wearing the other, I find they complement my skin tone really well and are soo easy to wear. I have bought many other lipsticks since I got these but I always seem to reach for tutti frutti and beehive instead.

Skin Care
I go through phases of trying loads of new skin care products so I haven't included everything I use as it changes all the time, so these are my staple products that I always use.

Simple foaming face wash and face wipes - I normally buy loads of the face wipes when they are on offer and recently found the face wash for half price in Bodycare!
Olay Complete Care Day Fluid - I use this everyday as I find it is a perfect moisturiser for my oily skin and I feel better knowing I am covered with SPF 15, I normally find it on offer but you can get it for around £5.
Figs & Rouge Lip balm - I have posted about this before so I won't go on but I do love it!

Hair Care
I'm pretty fickle with hair products if there is a new shampoo promising me volume or brilliant shine chances are it will be in my bathroom within a couple of weeks, I often have around 3 shampoos on the go at any time, but this is the shampoo and conditioner I have just repurchased in a huge (400ml) bottle, which is very rare for me.

Firstly I have to say I absolutely hate the fragrance of the Aussie shampoo, but luckily I got used to it and I don't find the fragrance is in my hair after I have dried it.
I wouldn't say that this gives my hair anymore volume than others do after I have dried my hair but the main thing is the body it does give my hair actually lasts all day, I find the layers in my hair look better and overall my hair looks better and more of a style rather than just hanging there, this works even better when I use it with my Aveda Phomollient, which I couldn't find when I took these photos but I use that pretty much everyday too.

I am obsessed with Ralph by Ralph Lauren and was going through bottles of the stuff until I found this extremely cheap dupe in Boots for only £3.99, it's called you & me by Love Parfums, it smells lovely and fruity so I use that during the day and save my Ralph for best!

So these are my everyday favourites, sorry it's such a long post hope you didn't get bored!



  1. Great posts, I love seeing what people use on a day to day basis :D some lovely products there! :)

  2. Love My Tutti Frutti Lip Butter and my RT stippling brush!
    i'd love for you both to visit my blog and take a look at my May/Summer favorites!

    1. I will definitely check out your May/Summer post! They are my favourite type of posts.


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