Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Homemade Pineapple Face Mask... Peel

We saw a post ages ago about using pineapple as a home made exfoliator due to the natural astringent properties of the fruit, and thought we would give it a go.

So you blend pineapple chunks with olive oil and natural honey, we were really surprised at how cheap the ingredients were as it only came to...  £3.49 (and we only used a tiny bit of each)

When everything is blended you apply to clean skin, we found that the mask was very watery so have a towel ready to catch the drips!

We felt this working instantly, you can definitely feel the natural acids in the pineapple, other posts say to wash off after 15 mins but we only lasted 5 mins as the tingling/stinging became too much!! Even after using face wash and moisturiser we could still feel it on our skin! Rachel did think that her skin felt softer and the dry skin around her spots had gone (sorry a bit gross) but I didn't notice any difference, personally I wont be trying this again!

Have you tried making your own face masks before?

Elaine & Rachel

Update from RachelThe day after I found my skin looked lot brighter and less dull, exactly like I had used a good exfoliator.  I will try making pineapple face masks again as I hate using exfoliators with grainy bits in on my face, although I've seen other recipes for pineapple masks which include coconut milk and oats, which may be less irritating and cooling on the skin. As Elaine didn't like this maybe this mask is better suited to dry skin, I definitely wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin.

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