Saturday, 23 June 2012

Marrakesh Birthday Holiday

I recently went on holiday to Marrakesh, Morocco for both a friends and my birthday (we have exactly the same birthday so we always try to do something special).  I had an absolutely amazing time and thought it would be nice to share my experiences and some of the lovely beauty products I bought with you.

Whilst in Marrakesh I stayed in a lovely traditional riad next to the main square Jamaa el Fna, it was absolutely beautiful, a true oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below. Throughout our stay we didn’t see a single other guest there so felt like we had our very own personal villa with staff – truly amazing.

Whilst on holiday my friend and I took full advantage of our hotels Hammam.  According to a Hammam is - a public steam bath, very popular in North Africa, particularly Morocco and Tunisia. Hammams used to be the only place people could come to bathe and scrub, since a private bathroom in a house or apartment was a luxury few could afford. There are fewer hammams now since modern plumbing means people can bathe in their own homes. But taking a public bath is still very much part of the culture in Tunisia and Morocco.

We didn’t visit any public Hammam’s but our riad had a lovely little one where we both booked a traditional Hammam scrub and a lovely relaxing massage. The Hammam experience for me included laying in a steam room and washed with warm water and rubbed down with essential oils. I was then cleaned with a sponge and thoroughly washed down again.  My face was then covered in a thick covering of Savon Noir (more about this later) and a light amount rubbed on my body. Then the err ‘fun’ started a vigorous scrub down from top to toe with a exfoliating mitt, and when I say vigorous I mean it! I think I lost a good few layers of skin. It wasn't the best feeling on my sunburn but I soon got used to it. I was then washed down again and had a lovely relaxing massage. After the experience my skin felt extremely soft, fresh and thoroughly cleaned from top to toe (and slightly glowing from the extreme exfoliation).

If you're heading to Morocco/Tunisia/Turkey I would thoroughly recommend getting a Hammam, as although it doesn't sound it, it was lovely and relaxing -  its also fantastic for prepping your skin for fake tan!

Spices, Soaps, Potions and Oils on sale in the Souks
Marrakesh is a shoppers paradise I definitely plan on going back someday with more money and at least two empty suitcases. The souks are a vast and amazing labyrinth of windy streets filled with goodies - it's even more colourful and exciting then I could of imagined.

I bought a range of randoms things from bags to rugs, jewellery and a little leather horse (don't ask I got carried away). Anyway in the images below you can see a few of the beauty bits I bought from some lovely boutiques and the souks. Savon Noir, Exfoliating knitted pad (too cute I couldn't resist, even if it has no real use) Body Oil - Argan Oil and Essntial Oils (sorry no image yet), Traditional Kohl and Bottle for the Kohl (gift for Elaine). I will do some in-depth post's on these products so keep a look out.

Have you been to Marakesh? did you love it as much as me? If you have any questions or want any tips, please don't hesitate to ask!

As mentioned more post's to come on the traditional Moroccan beauty products I bought.


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