Wednesday, 4 July 2012

NOTD: The ELLE Grey by Mavala

I got this nail varnish a couple of years ago as a freebie from Elle and I love the colour soo much, I think as the grey is quite light it's an all year round colour! The nail varnish had actually turned quite sticky which I was surpised about, I would have thought that a brand like Mavala would have a bit more longevity in the nail varnishes! I still love it even if it does show all the ridges in my nails... Has any one tried Essie's base coat that fills nail ridges? Is it any good?

And I think my cat Smudge loved it as much as me, I couldn't take a photo without her trying to get in the picture too!


1 comment:

  1. IF you got it a couple of years ago thats some pretty decent formula that you could still apply it to the nail! I'd be impressed :) And I've not tried the ridge filler for myself, but read loads of amazing reviews on it from other bloggers so I think its safe to give it a go! :)



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