Sunday, 15 July 2012

Carmex Lip Balm... up to the hype?

I have heard a lot of bloggers raving about Carmex lip balm as an everyday essential, so I had always wanted to give it a go but I have been pretty obsessed with my Figs and Rouge lip balm recently, so when I was out shopping in town and urgently needed lip balm, I nipped into Boots to get this.

I got the original Carmex lip balm, which has a minty/menthol scent, although I don't think this was stated on the cardboard packaging (I have thrown this away so I could be wrong).

I like the Carmex design, although the white tub does make it look a bit clinical and more like an antiseptic cream or something.
The price, £2.69 for an iconic lip balm is pretty reasonable.

I didn't like the minty scent at all, it left my lips with a minty tingle which isn't great when I have sore lips, although it did only last a few seconds.
I found that the lip balm didn't sink in well and seemed to just sit on my lips, I know people rave about how brilliant this lip balm is and I do have a similar issue with other lip balms so maybe it's just me.
It didn't leave my lips feeling that moisturised at all and I felt that I needed to keep reapplying, maybe that due to the balm not sinking in well on my lips.

Will I repurchase 
No, it just isn't for me, I wont finish this and I will end up giving this to Rachel or my Mam.
I will definitely be sticking to my Figs and Rouge lip balm, you can see my review here.

What do you think of Carmex lip balms? 


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