Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NOTD: Cosmopolitan Freebies Missguided Misstify & Misslead

(L-R) Misstify and Misslead

Misstify and Misslead are the two of three nail varnishes that Cosmopolitan are offering as freebies on this months issue, I bought these colours as I really wanted some neon nail varnish. Missguided have partnered with Cosmo before and I have always been impressed with the colours however they do tend to stain your nails, but I am really underwhelmed by these colours.
When I applied the 'neon' pink nail varnish (Misstify) I was disappointed by the darker pink finish, I definitely wouldn't call this a neon pink which it appears to be in the bottle, the finished colour isn't one that I would reach for, so I can see this lying at the bottom of my nail varnish collection or I will give it away.
When I got the yellow nail varnish (Misslead) home I was unimpressed to find that it actually had a shimmer to it... which wasn't isn't for me personally and it definitely didn't look too good when I had applied it, I felt it looked quite cheap and Rachel agreed, it was removed straight away. The application was tricky too as it was quite streaky, this took 4 coats to get the coverage shown in the picture!

I was disappointed with these nail varnishes, but I have learnt a lesson to look at the colour of freebie nail varnishes a bit more closely!

Did you get this months Cosmo's freebies? What did you think?


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