Monday, 2 July 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint Review

Since the recent launch of Liz Earle's new makeup range we have been dying to try it out, so we  managed to get some samples of the Liz Earle Sheer Tint from John Lewis.
Liz Earle say - The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich, creamy formula leaves skin looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With Mineral UV protection SPF15, plus our specially selected blend of botanicals. 

Elaine tried shade Bare 01
Rachel tried shade Bare 01 and Beige 02

  • It's long lasting, it lasted easily 8 hours. 
  • Decent coverage for a tinted moisturiser or whatever it is. I did ask the sales assistant if she would class this as a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation - she couldn't answer me. I would personally class this as a light coverage foundation as it feels much more like a foundation on the skin.
  • It does make skin look dewy, even and radiant, and didn't cling to any dry patches in the slightest.
  • The formula is lovely and easy to work with, you can easily build it up if you like a much heavier coverage.
  • As I would wear this in the daytime and mostly during Summer it's great it has SPF 15 in.
  • Elaine found that it made her skin look a bit too dewy on the T Zone, and we both found it did seem to slip from the T Zone by lunchtime. I have dry skin Elaine Oily.
  • It feels quite heavy on your skin compared to other tinted moisturisers / light foundations, you can definitely feel it on your skin.
  • The price for me isn't much of a issue, however when I worked it our per ml compared to my new favorite NARS tinted moisturiser I found it would only be 50p cheaper than NARS if it were 50ml too. As I'd put the price of NARS in as a con on that review, its only fair to put the price as a con on this review too.  For 40mls of Liz Earle at £21 this works out at 53p per ml compared with my new favorite NARS tinted moisturiser £27 which is 54p per ml.
  • 4 shades - really! Although it is blend-able I found the shade offering really didn't work for me.
  • Not so much of a con but I found it does dry slightly darker when applied and takes a little while to settle into your skin.

Elaine - I did really like how this product made my skin look and the lightest shade did match my skin tone well, but I wouldn't buy this again as it wasn't the best on my oily t zone and it felt quite heavy for a sheer tint, if it was cheaper I may have bought it to try during the winter when my skin was drier but I didn't love it enough to pay £21.

Rachel - I was 100% ready to buy this, I've heard great things about it and I really like light foundations, also the price doesn't really bother me. So I'd been to the counter a number of times and tried swatching the two lightest colours, the sales assistant assured me the shade 02 Beige was for me - luckily she gave me some sample sachets to try out (they have a really good colour matching scheme to avoid wastage). When trying them at home I found neither shade 01 or 02 works for me at all. 01 washed me out and 02 was far too dark (maybe if I'd actually seen some sun this Summer it wouldn't have been too bad) but even blended out neither of these worked for me. So unless they bring out more well needed shades to the range I won't be buying this, which is a shame because the formula is lovely and I really really wanted it!

Elaine & Rachel

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