Monday, 23 April 2012

Topshop Infrared Lipstick Review

Just a quick post to tell you about one of my recent purchases, Topshop Infrared; the now famous bright orange lipstick. I’ve had my eye on a few orange lipsticks for awhile and finally settled on Infrared, it was a close call between that and Charmed from the Topshop Sisters of The New Moon range which is a softer more peachy orange. Personally although Infrared is bright I find it less scary to wear than Charmed as I have dark lips so for me a light colour is more tricky, I’m still tempted to buy it tho.

Anyhow back to Infrared, it’s a beautiful bright orange with a hint of red which really brings out the warm tones in your skin, perfect for summer! It also quite handily makes your teeth look ever so slightly whiter. I find it very pigmented and can be worn full on or quite sheer, I also think it looks great dabbed onto the lips in a slightly messy way. It wears well and has quite a matte texture, although it’s not the most moisturising of lipstick and it can highlight dry patches I'm in love with it, the colour is perfection.

If Infrared doesn't do it for you, why not try these other coral / orange Topshop Lipsticks - 

I’ve kept this review short as this lipstick has been well blogged, particularly by Zoella, I wasn’t aware of her blog until I showed Elaine this lipstick and she told me how much she mentions it in her videos, I then went over to have a look and now I’m hooked on both Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Your probably thinking how did she not know about those guys... well just for a bit of a back story it was Elaine who got me into reading beauty blogs and watching the YouTube videos quite recently, Elaine had been addicted for ages but I was always more interested in fashion blogs and didn’t really know about the huge beauty blog movement, now I’m totally addicted and a few months ago I pushed Elaine into starting a blog...... and here we are now.

ps. I'm trying to get better at photography so please bear with me, also sorry I didn't take the photos when the lipstick was shiny and new. ooops.



  1. What would you say about the longevity of the lipstick ?
    Also does it bleed?

  2. Hi, if your lips are in good condition it lasts a good few hours, however when I have dry lips it's not the best so I would always recommend lip balm first, its not the best formula but the colour really makes up for it. I dont find that it bleeds at all. Hopes this helps!

    Rach x


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