Saturday, 21 April 2012

SS12 Trend Monochrome Black and Beige

Maybe it's because of the influx of pastels all around but at the minute all I seem to want to wear on my nails and face is beige and black. I love experimenting with dramatic eyeliner (although very few times do I leave the house wearing some of my 'experiments') and at the minute I've been addicted to using my Bobbi Brown gel liner (coming back to BuyaPowa soon), wearing less blusher than usual and trying to nude out my lip with a bit of concealer - although this doesn't last long as I have dark red lips. 

Below I've made a little mood board with a few of my favourite looks, I absolutely love the striped black nails by Pan Loves Polish, I think it looks far more classy using the black over a plain or natural coloured nail rather than against a harsh white. I tried to replicate this look but failed miserably - any tips anyone?

 If you want to replicate this dramatic Gareth Pugh SS12 look see the MAC guide below.
If you would prefer to try black and white striped nails like the Gareth Pugh look why not try these nails wraps from Nail Rock, they are available almost everywhere (Boots, Topshop, Urban Outfitters) however I would look for a bargain on Ebay or general cheap make up shops as I found some Silver nail wraps on a cheap makeup cart in Eldon Square (in Newcastle upon Tyne)


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