Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NOTD: Matte Antique Coral

Antique Coral

I love this colour, I have had it for years but found it at the bottom of my nail polish box the other day and remembered how much I loved it especially when it only cost £1.89! It has a hint of shimmer flecks in the colour which is really pretty and quite similar to 17's new spring nail polishes. I have used my Rimmel matte top coat on top though, as you might of guessed we are both obsessed with the matte finish, I really think it adds an extra edge to any polish.
I had to use three coats of the coral colour and one of the matte top coat as my nails are full of ridges so not all my nails had an even coverage, but it dried really quickly so it wasn't a hassle.

Natural Collection in Boots are currently on 3 for £5! Bargain!

UPDATE: Just a quick warning I took this off today and it had stained my nails yellow so you might want to use a base coat or just risk it!


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