Monday, 9 April 2012

My Wish List!

Here are a few things that I'm lusting after this month, they aren't really expensive things but I'm trying to cut back on my spending!

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, I really want to try an orange lipstick and I think this would be a great way to try the colour out as it's a sheer lipstick. I went to go buy this the other day but this shade wasn't there, so I bought L'Oreal Caress in Dazzling Coral instead which is more of a pink shade than orange (I will do a review post soon), I really like the L'Oreal lipstick and have heard mixed things about the lip butters, but in my head I'm dying to try the lip butters out but there is no way I can justify buying another lipstick until I get paid again.

I love this River Island dress (£30) I always look at it when I go into town, hopefully I will have enough extra money to get it next month, or there might be a cheaper dupe out there...
Babyliss Big Hair, I love the idea of this hot air brush, I ummed and ahhed about whether to ask for this for my birthday last year but asked for the Babyliss Root Boost instead (which I love) but I keep looking at this and reading/watching reviews, so I might end up getting this too the next time it's on offer, I am obsessed with getting some volume in my hair.

I love the look of the Model's Own Beetlejuice collection, I don't own a Model's Own nail varnish and I'm not sure why as they seem pretty reasonable at £5, I like the look of the coppery brown varnish in the pictures above.

Bit of a random one, but after seeing a post by the Pixiwoo sisters about blue eyeshadow for brown eyes I would love to get the perfect blue eyeshadow, I love the looks in these pictures! I have seen in a recent post by Raspberry Kiss that Vivo has a blue smokey moods eye kit for £4, so I might give that a go, I've never tried any Vivo products before but I have heard good things!


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