Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bargain Beauty Finds!

 We always nip into Wilko's to get some bargain products, as they always have amazing offers on Simple products, Garnier and lots of other beauty and hair brands, however neither of us have ever tried any of their own brands, so when we saw their new range reviewed on a few other blogs we were really looking forward to trying these out. We were thrilled when we were contacted and asked if we would like to try some products and of course we jumped at the chance, we've had these for a couple of weeks so here are our thoughts.

Fruity Tropical Hair Mist
We received the shimmer spray but there are also fruity sprays to add protection and hydration.
Prices in the fruity hair collection (including shampoo and conditioner) start from £1.48 each or two for £2.

Elaine's Review
I absolutely love the scent of this spray, they call it tropical but I would say it was more of a banana scent. I have been using this after I have washed and dried my hair mainly because I use  Batiste tropical dry shampoo on my other hair day and that already has a lovely coconut scent. I would spray this onto your hair at arms length as it can make your hair quite wet and I can't really say that I noticed my hair having any extra shine.
 I would buy this again as I like the idea of a scented hair mist, and the price is soo good!

Rachel's Review
Like Elaine I am in love with the banana/tropical scent of this shine spray, it really is one of the nicest smelling hair products I've tried. I don't usually use many hair care products but since getting it I've found my self reaching for it most days. I didn't find this added much shine to my just washed hair, however on hair day 2 I find it works wonders. I don't like washing my hair everyday so on the second I usually use a bit of Batiste and tie my hair back, now without fail once my hair is tied up I spray a bit of this over the top to mask the powdery Batiste smell and add a bit of natural shine back to the matt dry shampoo texture. I would definitely buy this again, its a bargain!

Fruit Berry Shower Smoothie
'Skin will be in for a real treat with these smoothing body scrubs. Each contains tiny grains of walnut shell, which gently polish skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth.'
Shower Smoothies are £1 each or 2 for £1.50 for 200ml.

Elaine's Review
Shower smoothies aren't really my kind of thing, I prefer to have a normal shower gel and separate exfoliator but I do love fruity shower products. I liked the scent of this product but found it wasn't long lasting unless you used a lot of it.
I wouldn't buy this again as it's not my kind of thing but I would be tempted to try their range of fruity shower creams especially at £1! 

Rachel's Review
I love fruity shower washes and as mentioned I'm in love with my Mango Body Shop gels, so I couldn't wait to try this product. The smell was deliciously fruity and I liked that it had exfoliating grains of walnut shell in, however I was a tiny bit disappointed. I found that this wash didn't exfoliate enough or lather up enough for my liking, so in agreement to Elaine I think I would prefer two separate products, one to lather and one to exfoliate. Like Elaine said the smell didn't last long once out the shower which was a disappointment, although I know many people don't like the smell of their shower wash to linger on them, however I am not one of these people. I wouldn't buy this wash again but I will be going out to buy some of the other products in the range as I loved the smell and at 2 for £1.50 how could I resist?!

Skin Therapy Face Wash
Skin therapy say 'for daily facial care, invest in the face ash which is pH balanced, fragrance free and dermatologically tested - skin will be left feeling beautifully clean, clear and fresh.'
Prices are from 98p!

Elaine's Review
I was really pleasantly surprised by this product, I normally prefer foaming face washes as gel face washes can feel heavy on my skin but after using this my face felt really clean and it managed to take all my makeup off in one go even my eye makeup (although it does advise you to avoid your eye area). I would never have picked this up normally as the packaging makes it look very cheap so I would be worried it wouldn't be good for my skin, but I would definitely be using products from this range again. I prefer foaming face washes so I would probably try their range of deep cleansing pore strips.

Rachel's Review
I tend not to use gel face washes as I have really dry skin and I find they strip too much oil and often leave my face feeling quite tight, however I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It was really soft on my skin and left my skin feeling thoroughly cleaned without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry at all, I also liked that it didn't have much of a scent. I've been using it quite a lot (every couple of days as not to dry my skin too much) and I'm still impressed. I agree I would never have picked it up as the packaging looks like all other cheaper face washes, however I would buy this again.

Thermal Defence Protection Spray
The Thermal Protection Defence Spray promises to protect your hair from temperatures up to 220 degrees, the heat protection agent works to improve smoothness and reduce friction.  
The spray is £1 for 200ml.

Elaine's Review
Firstly I love this spray bottle, it has a small little tap at the neck of the spray that you just twist to lock the bottle so you could easily transport it without worrying about any product leaking all over. The spray itself covers your entire head in 1 - 2 sprays, so it's great to know that your all of your hair has the same level of protection. I found after using this my hair felt really healthy and soft (I've also been using L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss shampoo & conditioner), and will definitely be getting this again.

Rachel's Review
I cannot tell you how much I love this spray bottle, its the best I've ever tried! I also think Wilkinsons have got the packaging design spot on with this product, it looks sleek, modern and technical. I haven't noticed too much difference with my hair since using it but its great to feel reassured that I'm protecting my hair and unlike others I've tried it doesn't leave any residue on the hair at all. I can't wait to try more of this range, including the dry shampoo which I've heard great things about.

Overall we are really impressed with this whole range, there are points we'd like to change but for the price points these products are all fantastic and we really don't think you'd find better for the price. We will without doubt be trying more of these products and as always we will let you know our thoughts. 


  1. Love Wilko so much. First discovered the store in Kingston but realised there's one closer to where I live lolz.

  2. I'm pleased you have found one nearby! Wilko is great! x


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