Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not So Favourites

Bit of a random post but I wanted to let you know which of the products I have bought and have decided to give away or stop using and the reason why, I always get new makeup or beauty products on a whim love them in the shop then get home and realise they aren't for me, I've lost count of the things that I have given to Rachel! So here are a few of the recent ones!

Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner
I normally love Aveda products especially their gorgeous scent, they are pretty pricey for a shampoo and conditioner so they are normally presents. I like this shampoo but I found that I was using it less and less, as my hair seemed to get greasy more quickly than normal so I would have to wash my hair each day or use a lot of dry shampoo to eventually just tie my hair up. I think this is better for people with normal to thick hair which isn't mine, so Rachel got this!

Simple Moisturising Face Wash
I love the Simple range, and I bought this over the winter as my skin was feeling a bit raw from the cold, but I haven't really used it as I find it's a bit thick for my skin type and I could never be sure I had washed it off 100%. It does leave your skin feeling lovely and would recommend it to people with dry skin (so Rachel's getting this). 
I now use the Simple foaming face wash and love it!  

Clarins Day and Night Moisturiser
I got the sample sizes of these moisturisers in the Febraury (I think) Glossybox, everyone seems to rave about Clairns, but I found that these moisturisers were too thick for me and I only used them a couple of times and gave them to Rachel, and she wasn't that impressed with them either.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Shade 51 & Healthy Mix Foundation Shade 52
I bought the healthy mix serum foundation first and initially loved it but found that it seemed to white out all the colour in my face so thought I would just get the next shade up... simple right... wrong, it was far too dark and even too dark for Rachel! Despite the colour disaster I'm not that impressed with either foundation the coverage at the start of the day is good but by the end of the day at work it had completely gone and my face was really shiny. I know that the claim is 16 hour raidiance not 16 hour coverage but 8 hours would have been good! 

17 Matte Foundation in shade Natural
I talked about this in a Boots haul a few posts ago so I won't go on about it. I haven't really used it since I bought it and tried it out for a couple of weeks, it's that bit too dark for me but the main reason I don't think to use it is the sticky consistency I just find it hard work to put on, and if I don't spend time on it I end up with streaks. 

L'Oreal Magique BB Cream in shade Fair
I loved this when I first got it, and I still really like it, but after using it for a couple of weeks I have just seem to have stopped picking it up, because I just never think to put it on. I love the 'nude' feel that you get from this BB cream but I have to admit the light shade is far from that and the lack of coverage isn't good for me at the minute as my skin is awful.
This product is definitely for people who dont like wearing foundation and even find BB creams like Garnier or No7 too much. I really like this product but I am debating whether to keep it for the summer or give it away to a friend with darker skin...

As you may have guessed from the amount of foundations I have abandoned I have trouble getting the right foundation, I have oily skin but I am also pale, but a pinky pale so find that when I get the lighter shades they take away all the colour I have and I look a bit ill! So when I think I have the perfect shade in the shop it very rarely is when I get home... 

We will be doing a drugstore foundation review soon!

Do you have any products that you have abandoned recently?


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