Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Zara Bargain Bags

Just a quick post to show you two new bags from Zara, I already have the classic Zara plated shopper bucket bag that almost everyone has (although annoyingly this sets alarms off in some shops) and I absolutely adore it, however being so large and black it doesn't really say 'summer' so I've been on the lookout for some cheaper alternatives.

 I don't usually do many fashion shopping posts but I felt the need to show you these as I was amazed at the price..... £19.99 for the beige slouchy shoulder bag and £25.99 for the classic large black clutch (its pictured with a strap which it comes with although I don't like it worn with the strap) The photos really don't do them justice as I always look on Zara for bags and these didn't catch my eye at all on the online store but when I saw them in person I was in love. I think they look far more expensive than the price, however there are of course some things I would change, but for that price amazing! I've seen a few bloggers mention how much their loving Zara at the minute and I couldn't agree more.


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