Sunday, 29 April 2012

H&M Goodies & NOTD Miss Stone Heart

Thanks to a £5 promotion I received from H&M I bought all these goodies for a measly £5.95. I've had my eye on the blue polish (Blue My Mind usually £2.99) for awhile, its a soft purpleish blue and it's a colour which has been huge on the high street recently (Primark have shoes in this colour - but not ever in my size it seems) I also fell in love with a shirt this colour from the H&M gold label section but unfortunately again they didn't have my size :-( so this nail varnish will have to fill my lust for now.
The grey polish (Miss Stone Heart usually £2.99) is a really beautiful light grey with a lilac undertone and looks great in just one coat, perfect for rush jobs.
The brushes were a random pick up as I'm pretty lazy at washing my brushes so I was needing some back ups. The eye brush (£1.99) is lovely and soft although after trying the angled brush (usually £2.99) I'v found its a bit scratchy on my face, but it will do as a back up. So these brushes are okay but the quality is definitely reflected in the price - nothing to write home about. 


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