Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hervana Benefit Blusher - BuyaPowa Offer

My lovely boyfriend bought Hervana Benefit blusher for Valentine's Day, I was soo pleased as I love Benefit blushers, they are quite expensive at £23.50 so I normally get them as presents or in Duty Free!
Benefit have redesigned the packaging of the blushers to include a mirror in the flip top lid, which I think is a really nice touch, but you need to be careful when closing the lid as I managed to get the side of the lid stuck in the blusher! Benefit have also changed the little brush to a slanted brush instead of square which means it's much easier to get a natural blusher look.

I was a bit concerned that with all the different colours that the blusher might end up being a bit too dark for me, but I was really pleasantly surprised as the colour is a really nice subtle berry shade. 
I have been using it everyday since I got it. The only thing is I feel like I have to be very careful when I'm putting the colour on the brush as I don't to mess up all the colours, but so far they are staying the colour they are supposed to be including the light pink.

I know that some people stay clear from Benefit blusher because of the price which is totally understandable, I only ever get Benefit for Birthday's and Christmas, but I think it is worth investing in Benefit blushers as the colour stays on your skin all day when you wear it over foundation or BB cream, it's the only make-up that I have ever had that is still on when I go to wash my face at night.
The product itself is really pigmented so you really don't need much on the brush so it lasts for ages, I've had Coralista  and Thrrrob for well over a year if not much longer and I haven't reached the base of the box yet, which is great as I have heard that Thrrrob has been discontinued :-(


Today I have just found out Harvana is on BuyaPowa as it is currently Blogger week (KHILA FROM MISS BUDGET Pick), If you haven't heard it's a great website where you can collectively buy products cheaper deepening on how many people want to buy the product, in the past they have had the Naked palettes, but you have to be quick they often sell out instantly or the time will run out. Currently Hervana is on at £19.50 and the lowest price it will go to is an amazing £17.50 but be quick it runs out in 46 hours!

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