Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cosmopolitan Full Body Hair Styling Kit

We have to tell you about this great product, we both really wanted to try out the Babyliss Wave Envy but were reluctant to pay nearly £40 on something we weren't sure would look good, so started looking for alternatives and found the Cosmopolitan hair styling kit at Argos for only £34.99 (original price £69.99).

 It contains a holder case, a wand with three hair styling adapters, including a waver, curling wand and a big hot brush which you can remove to have a big barrel curler, 4 Velcro rollers and some clips. Which is an absolute bargain!

We both use this styler all the time, and love the different ways that it styles your hair, I always use the waver and Rachel prefers the curling wand. The waver and curling wand are bigger than they look in the picture so it definitely gives a modern wave look not 80's crimped.

This is perfect if you are like us and want to try out the wave trend without spending too much money, plus you get all the extras too!

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