Friday, 10 February 2012

SS12 Trends - Brights Make-up

In all of the magazines they are saying the key trends for spring/summer make up are brights and pastels, so I really wanted to try out the brights trend as normally I play it safe. I went into Superdrug yesterday with the intention of buying Sleek's Acid palette at £6.49, as Sleek was the first make up brand that came to mind for a cheap palette that had a range of colours. But Beauty UK's make up range caught my eye, they are very similar to MUA, and offer a range of colour palettes and very cheap make up, I found a perfect bright rainbow palette for only £3.99, it doesn't have a name just number 2.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality and the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, swatches below.

(I can't wait to use the bright pink and orange in a block cover, although I think I'll stick to matching eyes) If you aren't taken by these colours here are some other bright options you can try.
MUA - Pop Tastic £4
Sleek - Acid £6.49

I also found a Sleek Palette in Superdrug called Carnival but I can't seem to see it online, maybe it's discontinued? If you don't want a palette, you can try single MUA eyeshadows for only £1 or Barry M pots for £4.49

We will be posting ways to wear the new trend soon.

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