Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Beauty Box Review

So there is a lot of talk on blogs and youtube about beauty boxes, if you like me only really heard about them when you started reading beauty blogs it can be a bit daunting! So this is just looking at the 4 main ones I know of and 1 new box, Glossybox, Bourdoir Prive/Jolie Box, Carmine, Beauty Box and She Said Beauty Box.


Glossybox is the most popular beauty box, and it was the reviews for this brand that I saw first, so I signed up. I do enjoy getting this every month and the packaging is soo pretty even the outer cardboard box it is delivered in is glamorous! 
I have enjoyed getting this but do find that when I look on blog reviews I never seem to have the best box and can sometimes be disappointed when other bloggers are raving about the box. There are a lot of Glossybox Ambassadors and some bloggers get their boxes for free, so sometimes reviews rate them better than they are, I'm not saying the bloggers lie, but if you got a beauty box free each month I'd think it was brilliant too, but when you know you have spent £12.95 it's hard not to feel disappointed sometimes. But I do love getting my Glossybox each month.

Feel Unique Beauty Box

I haven't received this beauty box, but it really intrigues me as I really like the feelunique website, and I love the concept of the beauty box being a drawer it makes the box itself much more useful and stakable! I think this beauty box is definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Would love to hear people's thoughts on this box.

Carmine Beauty Box

I signed up to this box straight after I saw the reviews of the December box as I had previously heard good things about the Bourdoir Prive boxes but it seems that now they have joined up with Jollie box they are even better. This box is the same price as Glossybox and Carmine at £12.95 each month, so I have no intention of paying for two beauty boxes each month but thought I would give it a try and see if it tempts me to cancel my Glossybox!

She Said Beauty
Sorry for the blurry picture!

A new beauty box on the block is She Said Beauty, it starts in March and there is already a lot of hype building about it as there are a lot of industry experts being linked to the brand, currently they have an offer for the first box (March) at £9.70 and then it goes back to £11.95, the offer ends at the end of February. I'm tempted to give the first box a try to see what it's like! Link

One thing to remember if you sign up for a beauty box is that it doesn't fit through your letter box, so the initial Yay it's arrived is followed by oh but I have to go pick it up from the post office... when I have time!

Plus most beauty boxes now have an option to pay for 3 or 6 months worth of boxes for a discounted rate.

So February is pretty much going to Beauty Box month for us!

* all beauty boxes are paid for by us.

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