Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Winter Skin Savior: Clarins HydraQuench

I recently got a new job as an outreach worker, which means that I am outside a lot between appointments and waiting for buses to visit people so my skin has been exposed to the cold weather a lot, and I have been feeling the effects on my skin of the extremes of going between the cold outside and central heating blasting inside! My skin feels much more sensitive and dry, I've also had more blemishes which I think is due to the lack of balance in my skin. I decided that I needed to invest in a moisturiser that can protect my skin in the winter months and leave my skin feeling as hydrated as possible.

Initially I wanted to buy Clinique's dramatically different moisturiser as it had some good reviews and felt rich but not too greasy when I tried it on my hand, but I was put off due to some bad customer service I received from the Clinique counter and being told flat they didn't offer samples (when other counters said they did but didn't have any sample tubs) which I don't think is right when a moisituriser is £30 personally I want to try a product out first before spending that much money, so I left feeling a bit disappointed. I was having a wander round the beauty counters in John Lewis to get an idea of what moisturiser to try when I asked an assistant on the Clarins counter for advice, she recommended Clarins Hydraquench cream gel for combination/oily skin, she mentioned that she also uses this product and that it can be used in both summer and winter months, and that her jar has lasted her at least 6 months, I was then offered a decent sample without asking.  

I used the sample everyday for a week and the difference I felt in my skin was huge! My skin felt instantly more hydrated and stayed hydrated throughout the day. Hydraquench is a very rich moisturiser but it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or clogged, and it soaks into my skin quickly so it's a great base for my make up.

 I have found that you only need to use a small amount of the product, so hopefully this jar will last me a long time. I do really like the packaging of the moisturiser, the glass jar makes it seem more of a luxurious product and for the price it should, but I would prefer a bottle with a pump to make it a bit more hygienic.

Hydraquench is pricey at £33.50 for 50ml, but when I decided I really wanted to buy this I had a good hunt on the internet to find it cheaper and I managed to get a good saving, currently on you can buy it for £26.80 or if you time it right for when John Lewis hold their price match events you can get it cheaper, it's currently 15% cheaper in John Lewis now.

I have really enjoyed using this moisturiser and it has made such a difference to my skin, I will definitely be buying this again when it runs out!



  1. I love the entire HydraQuench line, if you get the chance do try their mask - it's amazing! x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

    1. I definitely want to try more Clarins products now, I have really loved using this. x


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