Thursday, 13 December 2012

My favourite things to do at Christmas

I love Christmas I can honestly say it is my favourite time of year. 

As soon as the Christmas adverts start on the TV (and they have been great this year) I begin to feel festive and genuinely look forward to buying presents for people. 

I'm not the most creative/arts and crafts person but when it comes to Christmas I always feel inspired to make something to give as presents, but I'm a bit rubbish I have accepted this! So my way to meet my want to be creative is to make Christmas present gift tags! I keep all the Christmas cards from the previous year and I enjoy sitting cutting out all the pictures from the cards to add ribbon and create my own unique gift tags, I really like going through all the cut outs to match tags with my family and friend's personalities, Rachel always gets a cute cat gift tag!

Christmas presents - Put some assets in their Christmas stockings
When it gets close to Christmas I love having a day to myself to sit next to the Christmas tree with a lovely Christmas cinnamon candle making gift tags and wrapping Christmas presents, and of course I have to watch my favourite Christmas films at the same time!!

Santa Claus the Movie
 Love Actually 
To me Christmas isn't Christmas without watching these films at least once!

What's your favourite thing to do at Christmas?



  1. I love Christmas and Christmas films. My favourite thing to do at Christmas is to sit and play Christmas songs on guitar.



  2. Ooh that sounds lovely and christmassy!! X


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