Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Kate Rimmel Lipstick Collection

My name is Elaine and I'm addicted to Kate Rimmel lipsticks.

I was having a hunt through my makeup box the other day and I realised that I have quite a few Kate Rimmel lipsticks! I have a bit of an obsession with lipsticks at the minute and I often forget just how many I actually have... oops.

I go back to the Kate lipsticks quite a bit because I think that they are such good value for money, the lipsticks are really creamy and extremely pigmented, they aren't drying at all so they are easy to wear. I do find with the new matte collection it is best to put a lipbalm on before applying the lipstick but I think thats the same with most matte lipsticks. 
The Kate lipsticks also have had 3 seasonal launches so far so they keep up with make up trends really well. 
Shades 12 and 03 are from the first range of Kate Lipsticks.
Shade 16 is from the Spring/Summer range.
Shades 111, 101, and 107 are from from the most recent range of matte lipsticks.
(Swatches below)

(L-R) Shades 12, 03, 16, 111, 101,107
My favourites are  shades 12, 03, and 16, but I think it's because I have had them longer so I am more used to them, perhaps? My least favourite is shade 101, I just don't think it suits me at all, I've tried wearing it a few times with different makeup looks but I'm never happy and end up rubbing it off, which is annoying as it was the shade I was looking forward to the most from the new matte range, and with the drama I had getting it in the first place. I will end up giving this to a friend.

When the new matte Kate lipsticks were being launched I actually bought shades 111 and 101 from their facebook shop before they were launched in the shops, mainly because I am quite impatient and they had an offer running that if you bought two products you got a free nail polish, I'm a sucker for an offer so I bought them. If I'm honest I regret it and didn't have the best experience with Rimmel's customer service. 

When I received the lipsticks in the post I was most excited about trying shade 101 and of course with my luck that shade was missing from my order, so I contacted Rimmel via twitter and they advised me to send a message via facebook, which I did. A couple of days later I received a response saying they would look into my missing order, and that was the last I heard. I sent facebook and twitter messages asking for an update but no one responded, I received the missing lipstick a week later no note saying sorry or anything, I was left feeling very irritated that no one had acknowledged my requests for information. I even sent a message saying how disappointed I was that no one had gotten back to me and that I won't be buying anything else from their facebook shop and still I got no response. Of course during this time the lipsticks were released in the shops! So I will not be purchasing anything more from their facebook shop and will just be patient in future and wait for products to launch in the shops!

I really like the Kate lipsticks and think they are great quality which is probably why I will end up with more, but bad customer service really puts me off a brand.

What makeup range are you addicted to?


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  1. Great choices!! I really love the colours :)



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