Thursday, 30 August 2012

Skin Care Haul

I've always been a bit lax when it comes to my skin care routine, relying mainly on face wipes which aren't the best, so after obsessively reading Caroline Hirons blog (you can find it here, I strongly recommend it!) I realised it was time to invest more in my skin care.
So I thought I would share some of the products or samples I have bought so far...

I bought 2 packs of 3 face cloths for £1.50 from Primark - I have read on different blogs including Caroline Hirons that face cloths are just as good at cleansing and a much cheaper alternative to muslin cloths.
REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel 150ml for £18 - This is more than I would normally pay for a cleanser but I have been using it the last few days and I love it, my skin has been much more balanced and my pores have appeared smaller.

I got some free samples of Elemental Herbology products from Space NK, I haven't tried these yet so I don't know how good they are. Have you tried anything from this brand?

A free sample of Decleor Paris Purifying Serum in Ylang Ylang, a lovely face oil to help balance my combination skin and it smells gorgeous! I have really liked trying out this product, but the full size is very expensive at around £40, so I may treat myself if I come into money somehow!

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light (Travel Size) 12ml for £12 - I had went to the Smashbox counter to try out their foundations, but they didn't have a tester in my shade and the sales assistant suggested I give the primer a try as it would enhance my current foundation, the full size primer is £27 so I thought I would get the travel size primer to test before I spend that much money on a new product. 

I have downloaded the Make-up Alley app on my phone which is really useful to look for reviews on new products I see when I'm out and about, it's definitely helped me make more informed purchases! If you have a smart phone I would recommend this app or something similar!



  1. I Loove that REN cleanser, use it every morning, it's just so so lovely :D
    & yes flannels are SO much better, wish people would realise this more :P


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