Monday, 6 August 2012

NOTD Revlon Cloud

I bought this Revlon nail polish 'Cloud' from a cheap makeup stall, I've seen a few people post that they bought this colour from Poundland and was on the look out for it for awhile so I was chuffed to see it for £1.99! 
For some reason I found it really hard to photograph as I couldn't get the colour to show true, I would say its slightly more lilac than it appears. The formula was a bit thick and difficult to work with but it dried super fast and I love the colour so it doesn't bother me. This is the first Top Speed Revlon nail varnish I've tried but I'm really impressed that it is truly a quick drying polish.

What do you think of this polish? Have you found any must have Revlon colours in Poundland?



  1. I really like the color. Sometimes if a polish is a little thick I add a little acetone to it to make it a little thinner.

  2. This looks like a pretty lilac to me :) must get down to pounland!! x

    1. I love this colour. Who would have thought poundland would have such great beauty products! x


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