Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Selfridges and Co: The Beauty Box

This morning we received an email from Selfridges & Co about their exclusive The Beauty Box to celebrate the opening of the Beauty Workshop, the box costs £15 plus p&p which costs at least £4.95.

Selridges say: To celebrate the launch of The Beauty Workshop we've created The Beauty Box, a limited edition bespoke box, available exclusively at Selfridges.com. Filled with wonder products from some of our favourite new brands - from high-end Hungarian skincare Omorovicza to Fashion Week favourite Stila.

The Beauty Box Includes:

  • Philip B Katira Hair Mask, 60ml
  • Antipodes Avocado & Rosehip Divine Face Oil, full size
  • Stila One-Step Correct, full size
  • Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, deluxe sample size
  • Estelle & Thild Lip Balm, full size
  • Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum,
  • Bioeffect EGF Serum, 5ml

  • The beauty box is pretty impressive, as you receive quite a few full sized products that are worth over £20 on their own! Unfortunately even though the email only went out at 6am this morning all the beauty boxes have sold out :-( you can see the beauty box here, fingers crossed they may come back into stock but I doubt it as it was an exclusive offer, I will be checking constantly just in case!

    Were you lucky enough to get this beauty box exclusive?



    1. This looks amazing!! Im so devastated that its sold out already, hopefully it will be sold again. x

    2. I know I was devastated too! I will be checking this site every 5 mins! x

    3. I got mine I canceled my dentist appointment for it haha the site crashed on me like 10 times but luckily it kept the box in my basket the whole time ! I can't wait to try out the goodies and hope they release another beauty box soon :) x ... To be honest I think they should of limited it to 1 per coustmer ... The selfridges team knew the demand due to the vast email sign ups ... Yet I know people who crazily grabbed 2 or 3 each .... Ohh and the drama on there Facebook page where horrendous genuine people who wanted the boxes for them selfs who have been trying for Hours where call ' money grabbers ' and ppl who got it where saying things like ' you snooze you loose ' .. And accusations of people who where getting multiple boxes where getting them to sell on eBay !

      I just wanted to ask you .. Do you think all the drama is worth it ?

    4. well done on getting a box! maybe I was a bit naive going on a bit later in the morning. I agree that it would have been good for Selfridges to restrict the number of boxes per customer, but if people were determined to get more than one they would figure out a way anyway.
      For me I wanted the box for the Stila one step corrector and the rest would have been a very good bonus, so I'm not sure it is worth the drama for me, but it would have been very nice to have been able to get a box.
      It might not be worth the drama but definitely worth skipping a dentist appointment! haha! X


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