Friday, 2 November 2012

Customised Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

As a pale skin lady I really find it difficult to find anything to match my skin tone, I have quite pinky skin so sometimes foundation/concealer whites out my skin too much and I look a little strange.
 So when I went to buy the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I automatically went for the fair shade as the light was a bit too dark, but I was never quite convinced as it was that bit too pale for my skin tone and it put me off using it, I would always look at other blog enviously when they raved about this concealer.

That was until I mixed the fair and light shades...

(Bottom - Top) Fair, Light, Customised
The difference between the Fair and Light shades is quite big, something so simple as mixing the two shades has created the perfect shade for my skin tone.

Although buying two concealers at £4.19 each might seem a bit expensive, but the quality of the concealer is worth it, and you can change the colour of your concealer as your skin tone changes and it will last twice as long... 


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