Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette Review

I recently became a bit obsessed with contouring after watching a Pixiwoo video on the contouring trend, although the video is a couple of years old it was full of great tips. I really wanted to try contouring for myself, I know it should be second nature for a beauty blogger to be able to contour but I have always avoided it as I am soo pale and a bit rubbish so I thought it would look too obvious on me especially as most bronzers you come across are shimmery!

That was until I was having a bit of a nosey on the Sleek website and found their Face Form contouring and blush palette! I had never seen this in the Superdrug before (don't get me started on the poor quality Sleek stands in Superdrug shops! It drives me insane) was this launched on the quiet??

The palette is designed for different skin tones so you can select the palette that will suit you best, I got the palette for fair skin, but there are 4 options to choose from.
The palette itself contains a bronzer, highlighter and blusher.

  • The bronzer is a lovely matte colour that is a perfect shade for my skin tone, the colour is subtle enough for me to confidently experiment with contouring without worrying that I look like I have been tangoed! I have also used this as an eye shadow for a casual daytime look.
  • The highlighter is a really lovely pink shimmer, subtle enough to be used during the day and evening.
  • The blusher is the infamous Rose Gold blush that a whole lot of bloggers raved about, and I can understand why, it is a really gorgeous colour that is very pigmented so you only need to apply a small amount then you can build it up for the colour that you want.

Top - Sleek eye shadow palette, Bottom - Sleek Face Form palette
I was expecting the palette to be quite large but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, it is a decent size but definitely small enough to put in your bag for travelling or touch ups. I have compared it to a Sleek eye shadow palette in the photo above so that you have an idea of the size if you do buy it online.

I really love this palette and have been obsessed with it since I bought it, I think it is really good value for £10 considering the rose blush is £5 if bought separately. I did have to pay delivery of £2.95 which was very annoying (Superdrug!) but I kept going on the Sleek website to look at the palette so I decided to just pay the delivery charge and treat myself!

I'm really liking Sleek makeup at the minute! 
I also bought their Brow Kit so will do a review soon.



  1. I havee the sleek contour kit and sleek blush by 3's are my fave! Love this review xx

  2. This looks gorgeous! xx

  3. Looks like such a gorgeous palette!
    Found your blog on the twitter bbloggers chat! Check out my blog? :)



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