Friday, 30 November 2012

Sleek Brow Kit Review

It seems like high street brands are going brows crazy at the minute, MUA, GOSH and Look Beauty all have launched their own brow kits this year. I've never really been that into my brows, I know Rachel was obsessed with her Benefit Browzings (RIP) before it was stolen, but with all the brow kit talk on blogs I have been experimenting and became a bit obsessed with getting my own brow kit, I have used a brow pencil but I didn't really like it.
I had my sights on the new brow kit from MUA but every time I went into Superdrug they never had any left no matter which day/time I went in, and I really have no patience so I bought Sleek's brow kit in light, at £8.50 it is more expensive than MUA but I definitely think the quality is worth the price.

The kit includes shadow, brow wax, teeny tiny tweezers, a powder brush and angled brush, I have to be honest I will never use these tweezers but they are very cute!

At first I wasn't sure whether to get this due to the limited colour choice, as most brow kits are one fits all, but with Sleek they have different shade options to buy so you can find the kit that best suits you. 

When I want to have more subtle brows I only use the powder so that it is more of a natural filler, when I want to experiment with a more dramatic brow look I either just use the brow wax or mix the powder and wax together to get a darker colour. 

(L - R) Powder - Wax

I have been really impressed with the kit and the different brow looks you can create with only two shades, I think it helps that you can pick either a light,medium or dark kit. 
The colours are really pigmented so you don't need to apply a lot of layers to get the colour you want, and I have found that the powder/wax lasts all day. If you do want to take the kit with you just in case the packaging is compact so it will fit in every bag!

I have really enjoyed using this brow kit and would definitely repurchase. 



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