Monday, 3 June 2013

Paper Themes Vintage Invitations

Now that our wedding is finally booked, including our (and family) hotel and flights, I thought it was time to relax and have a bit of a break from wedding planning, but no, I was politely reminded that I needed to send out invitations and quickly so that guests had enough notice to get booked up.

I have no idea what I want our invitations to look like, I asked the other half and he just said whatever I wanted, which to some people would be music to their ears but to me it made me feel worse, I'm not creative I have no idea about design, the only ideas I had were that it had some sort of link to getting married in Greece without being too obvious. Surely I could type that into Google and hundreds of options would come up... nope!

So when I had the opportunity to have a look at some sample invitations* from Paper Themes I jumped at the chance. I received a sample batch of their vintage designs, which included a variety of invitation styles.

Truly, Madly, Deeply, Almond Eat, Drink & Be Married & Teal Vintage Damask
These invitations are really cute, I love the wallet design, it's not something I have come across often when I have been looking at invitations.

Ticket of Love Letterpress & I'm not sure the design name, I couldn't find it on the website
 These invitations are simple but effective, I really like the vintage ticket inspired font.

Vintage Rose & Beige Spots & Stripes
These invitations are more traditional in that they are like a card design, but they have a little wallet inside so that you can add as many or few cards of information that you require.

Wedding Lace Wedding Invitation
This style and design was my favourite, I love the luggage tag inspired invitation, I think this is a great way of getting all the information you need to get across in one go without the invitation looking too cluttered, and I am a bit addicted to lace at the minute so this caught my eye instantly.

I think the vintage styles have really helped me narrow down ideas for my wedding invitations, I really like the lace and teal damask invitations as they remind me of Greece without being really obvious.

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*PR Sample

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