Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Diorskin Nude BB Cream Review

I must have missed the buzz about the Dior BB Cream after it had been featured in a video by Lisa Elderidge, not sure which rock I was hiding under, but when I went for a mooch around the shops with Laura from Laura Bella she was raving about it so we went to the counter for me to get a sample to try it out. 

Dior have a range of BB Creams available but I got a sample of the Diorskin Nude BB Cream, there isn't a huge selection of shades available but the lighter shades really were a perfect match for my skin tone, which has to be a first for me when it comes to BB creams as I'm pale!

I really like the packaging of the cream, it appears to come in a squeezy tube but it actually has a pump applicator which is a definite plus for me, I did make a bit of a fool of myself when I was trying to get the tester lid off as I assumed it was a screw top, you would think after a minute of trying to unscrew it I would get the hint to just pull the top off but no, I'm not that clever!

The consisentcy of the cream is very much similar to foundation, but it's not too thick and doesn't have a watery or gel like feel. I found that it gave a light to medium coverage, but it definitely wasn't a heavy medium coverage it let the right amount of your natural skin show through. When I applied the BB cream it felt like I had to use a lot of my sample to get the coverage I wanted (which was light/medium) but I think it felt like I was using more as I had a sample jar with one of those little spatulars, I couldn't comment on how many pumps of the product I would need to use. 

I'm not sure the shade of the sample, but I think it's more than likely the lightest!
I absolutely loved the way this BB cream made my skin look, it made my skin look lovely and even with a natural luminous glow, if I could go by how my skin looked within the first hour I would buy it in bulk straightaway, but by the end of the day I found that the coverage had gone. My skin didn't look shiny when I wore this so that is a huge plus, but for a high brand BB cream I would want the product to wear a little better on my skin, I know I could always wear a primer with it but for a BB cream costing £25-£30 I don't want to.

I really want to love this BB cream the way everyone else does, but I can't justify spending that much money on something that isn't going to last 6 hours on my skin. I think I am going to get another sample to give it another chance but unless I find a miracle (cheap cheap) product to make it last I can't see my buying the full size product. 

I would really recommend going to a Dior counter to get it tested on your skin or to get a sample. Also the price of this BB cream varies online the cheapest place I have found it is at Escentual for £25.50.


  1. This is a great post, I have been thinking about trying out a BB cream for a while now.
    I think I might go and visit the counter to try it out, as you suggested, before i purchase the full size as i want something that is going to stay put.

    I've just started following you and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. I hope you can check us out too at beautiesunlocked.blogspot.com.



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