Friday, 7 June 2013

Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Primer Review

I did exactly what I have been telling myself off for when this product launched, I read reviews from other bloggers raving about it after sampling it before it's launch, so I instantly got it in my head that it must be marvelous and I have to have it, nobody's fault but my own!
So when it was launched I headed to Boots and bought it straightaway, it wasn't on offer which products sometimes are when they are first launched and at £12.99 it was a bit steep, but that only convinced me that it must be good, that was my strange beauty products obsessed logic talking!!

I got this home and hated it instantly, it was very disappointing! 

The primer has a very silicone feel to it, which normally I don't mind but when I applied my foundation over the top of it, my foundation felt a bit greasy and even though I always apply powder the greasy feeling stayed all day. I didn't notice any change in the appearance of my makeup at all it looked the same as when I apply foundation without it. When I got home I even tried it over the top of my foundation as a mid-day fixer but it still did nothing. 

I think this is one of those products that you are either going to love or hate, for me and my skin it didn't mix well but for others it obviously works well.

This has taught me a lesson not to get hyped up in a product launch!


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