Sunday, 5 May 2013


We have finally managed to book our wedding for June 2014!! In Rhodes, Greece!! Yay!

Haha yes this will be me!!

It took us a while to decide on a wedding abroad, it's something my boyfriend really wanted (due to his family politics) and I wanted a big party at home so we had to compromise, and we decided to get married in Greece as it's somewhere that we love and it's in a price range that means more of our family and friends can make it too.

We are getting married at Kalithea Springs, which is an old Italian spa, a lot of venues that are in the brochures are hotel or beach weddings although they are lovely they just aren't us, so I was really pleased to find this spa!

I'm very excited I wish it was this year!



  1. Ohh congratulations, how exciting. Looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. This looks beautiful it will be amazing! Your photos wilk be so nice X


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