Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NE Lush Event and Wear Your Sunday Best - Part One

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a very busy Sunday, as I had a few blogger events to go to, which was very exciting as this never happens to me!

Firstly I met up with the lovely Laura from Laura Bella, to have a mooch around the shops, which mainly involved us heading to all the beauty departments in the Metrocentre, we managed to get a sample of Dior's BB Cream too so I will be doing a review soon.
We then went to meet up for lunch with other 'up North' bloggers, which was really nice, it was kindly organised by theNEbloggers.

We all then headed to the NE Lush event which had been organised by Danny from Adventures after Hours, who is the manager of the shop.

When we arrived at the shop we were introduced to the other staff members, they all explained to us why they had wanted to work for Lush and why they really enjoy their jobs, it was really great to see how enthusiastic everyone was about Lush as a company.

If I'm honest I did think I already knew what Lush was about, I knew it was against animal testing and focused on natural ingredients, surely that's all Lush is? But I was really surprised to learn how innovative the brand really was, Danny explained that the company really encourage their staff to come up with ideas for new products and get them involved in the creation process, I think a lot of companies could learn so much from this way of working, and their head office in Poole sounds soo much fun!
I was also surprised to learn that Lush has a large market in Japan, so when the Tsunami happened in 2011 they not only wanted to create a product to help raise money for the relief effort but also to help stimulate the economy in Japan by using ingredients they can source there, the end product was the Yuzu and Cocoa BubbleroonI think it's such an amazing thing for a company to do, I get really effected when you hear about tragedies on the news so it's great to hear of a company with sounds ethics to actually think about what can they do to help.

So as well as getting to hear about Lush as a company we had an opportunity to make a bath bomb and a facial cleanser!!
We all watched as the pro's showed us how to make a Space Girl bath bomb, we all then queued up to get all the powder ingredients and give them a good shake in our paper bags. When all the ingredients were mixed together, we had the messy job of putting them in their moulds, I thinks I was probably a bit more messy then other people. It was really fun making the bath bomb, and I can't wait to try it out!

We all then went to make the Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser, everyone got involved in adding all the ingredients and mixing it all together, when it had reached a dough like consistency Danny rolled it up and cut it into slices to make the cleanser, and we all got a slice to take home. I have tried this at home, it is a strange solid texture but when you add water it turns into a milky formula with exfoliating properties, and it is lovely on my skin.

I really enjoyed the Lush event, and I will definitely consider Lush in the future when I want to buy new skincare, we were all given a gift bag with sample goodies of different skin care and other Lush products so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

After the Lush event I then had to run to get to Wear Your Sunday Best which was a Newcastle Fashion Week Fringe event. Part 2 will be posted soon!


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  1. I love LUSH cosmetics! I had the chance to join one of their events here in Belgium. We made ballistics and the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and it was just so exciting to find out how everything works at LUSH.

  2. I just tried the BB Seaweed, and it feels so good. This event looks great, I bet it was nice to try products you might not have thought of before. Great post lovely. x
    Heroine In Heels


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