Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lush Eyeliner: Motivation in a bottle!

I received this Lush eyeliner in my goody bag from the Fabb event in Newcastle on Sunday (post here), I was really excited as I have wanted to try their new makeup range for a long time but the price has always put me off, all of the colours available are £14.50.

You can see my previous post about Colour Therapy at Lush here.

I do love the pipette packaging of the colours, but it is tricky to tell whether the colour is an eyeshadow/liner/lipstick as you have to check the tiny writing on the attached label. 
The liner brush itself is flexible so it is a bit harder to get the perfect line if you aren't used to liner, I also found you needed to go over the line a couple of times to get the best colour pay off.
The liners have been made with the same base as the cream eyeshadows so they are designed not to set straight away so you have the option to blend, but if you want a no-smudge liner Independent and Fantasy have been created with a stay put formula.

Excuse the giant eye photo!
This is such a pretty colour, it's not something I would normally pick up but I'm looking forward to using it in the summer when the sun finally comes out!!

You can find Colour Therapy Emotional Brilliance at Lush here.



  1. Hello Ladies
    I'm so disappointed that I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the event x maybe next time? but I got this in my goodie bag too and its something that I wouldn't have automatically purchased either but it looks so pretty on - I definitely want to try some more of the range now x

  2. so pretty!

    p.s. I'm having a Bonlook sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!
    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx


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